What is a spirit guide?

What is a spirit guide?

Spirit guides are spiritual entities who have agreed to act as guardians for people who live in the Earthly plane. These guides are usually people who have once inhabited the earth and can communicate easily with humans who are psychically very attuned to the spirit world. Many psychics have multiple spirit guides who can be summoned at any time. There is one primary Spirit guide who is our gentle guardian and who is responsible for our spiritual education. Othere guides may come and go as we need guidance on specific issues. Angels are always around us and do not need to be summoned. They will act without being asked and know exactly what to do without us being aware of it. Before we agreed to this life on Earth, we meet with these guides who agree to come to us when summoned. They are not supposed to interfere with our free will, but they do guide us when we stray from the path that we had ourseves chosen before this lifetime. Those who are blessed with highly developed psychical skill can converse with the spirit guides, summon them by their chosen names and discuss life’s perplexing questions with them. They will counsel us and help us find the right decisions, but they will not coerce us into choosing any of the paths. This is our life and we use our free will to decide on our actions and thoughts. In summary, all of us have spirit guides. Some of us may not be aware of these entities who can communicate with us on the astral plane, but they do affect our lives and help us through difficult periods and transitions that help us grow spiritually. I hope I have helped you find some answers to your question. Brightest Blessings

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