What is an Altar and how can I set it up?

What is an Altar and How can I set up an Altar?

Merry Meet Seeker,
An Altar is a sacred space where we go to connect with the Divine. This sacred space may be physical, such as a table in a corner of a room or spiritual as a mental space or level we go to concentrate and meditate. Altars are used by many religions including Wicca, Hinduism and Catholic religion.
In many homes, altars are permanent rooms which is entirely devoted to spirituality. People are usually asked not to go into these rooms while they are eating or doing other normal actions in the home. An altar is kept clean and sacred so that people of the house can go there when they need spiritual cleansing. Also, altars vary widely depending on the inhabitants of the home.
If you live alone, you can make your altar anywhere you choose. The physical altar can be in a special room, in the basement or anywhere you will not be disturbed. If you have animals or little children and you will use lamps or candles in your altar, make sure that the door to the altar room is always closed. At the minimum, all you will need is a room as an Altar. If the room makes you feel calm and happy, your altar is ready.
However, most people love to add more expression to the physical altars. They may add candles (silver candle represents the Goddess), gemstones, beads, etc that may be sacred to their religious expression. In Hindu homes, they keep many types of lamps, holy books, incense and water. Similarly, in a Wicca altar, there may be pictures of Goddess, a Pentagram, herbs and various incenses. When a wicca practitioner wishes to meditate or cast a few spells, the altar is the best place to go as it is devoid of negative energy that may pervade the rest of the home.
In addition to the physical altar, everyone needs a spiritual altar called a sacred space in their hearts. Sitting by the physical altar, one closes their eyes and reach the spiritual altar from which they are able to visualize and create to their abandon.
Brightest Blessings in all you do.

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