What is Arithmacy?

What is the true meaning of Arithmacy, Runes, Spells and Potions?

All of the practices that you are asking about are used in the pagan world. Not
all witches use these methods, and you don’t have to be a witch or Wiccan
to use them. Arithmancy and Runes are forms of divination. Spells and Potions
are used in spellcrafting.

Arithmancy is also called Numerology. This practice is the study of numbers
and the way that they represent certain aptitudes, character tendencies and
the cosmic plan. Each letter has a numeric value that reflects a cosmic vibration.
For over 2000 years, people have used arithmancy to analyze their strengths
and weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and predict the future.

Runes are an ancient set of symbols that originated in the Norse tradition.
Runes are small stones, pieces of wood or other material that each have a letter
of the Nordic alphabet on them. Each letter has a meaning, and divination is
by reading the meaning. Rune readings can be done with a single rune or a pattern
of several. Reading the runes is similar to reading tarot cards. The precise
meaning of the runes comes with much study and practice.

Spells are used by witches and Wiccans who choose to use them. The practice
of magick is very ancient and can be done in many different ways. Basically,
spells are a form of sending your personal energy out into the world to retrieve
something back from it. We use sympathetic magick to attract what we want in
our life. This is facilitated by tools such as candles, herbs, incense and magickal
tools. We also time our spells to be in accordance with natural cycles.

Potions are special blends of herbs and other elements that hold magickal properties.
They are used in a variety of ways in spells and rituals. Potions can be used
to consecrate tools, bless people and offer extra protection. Some witches wear
small vials of potions around their necks for specific reasons, such as attracting
love, luck or protection.

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