What is Astral projection and how can I improve on it?

Thank you for taking time to read my question. I just started practicing wicca. the reason i started was i always felt a pull to the craft. but my question is i am a very big dreamer. Ever sence i was very young about 8 i have had dreams that came ture and realy happen but the thing i dont get is the things that happen dont make any sence. they seem to be meaningless events. I some times dream of something being said by people i have never meet but i end up meeting them and i dont remember them from my dream until they do what i dreamed. What dose all this mean. how can i focus these dreams and learn to understand them? thank again for your time.

As many of us are aware, our soul may sometimes leave our body to travel to other realms. Some people believe that dreams are just glimpses into our future and if we knew our future, our life would become less adventurous or spontaneous. Many people, however, would prefer to travel to other realms and find out answers to many of our questions such as: why are we here on Earth? What is our goal? What are we capable of? etc. Traveling to other worlds or dimensions in sleep or while awake is called Astral Projection. Some people like you have already experienced Astral projection. That is why you see people in your dreams before they come into this life. These may be people you have known in an earlier life or some who are coming to help you through an experience that you have requested for yourself. Astral travel can occur while we are awake and also while we sleep. If you practice during waking hours and also learn lucid dreaming techniques, you may be able to accomplish successful astral travel. Many of the techniques for astral travel are descended from Shamanic rites. If the soul joins the body without any connection problems, you will have an easy time. If however, you feel like a “jolt”, or disorientation, then it may lead to soul loss. Do not attempt astral projection if you are sick, old or have suffered severe abuse of any sort, please do not attempt astral projection. Also, if you are under the influence of illegal or legal drugs, stay away from Astral projection. For Basic Astral projection, try this: Lie down on your bed and relax. close your eyes. Visualize yourself standing at the foot of the bed, looking at yourself. Repeat for several days if you are not successful. Surround the bed with mugwort plants to help achieve “lift-off”. Or make a find powder with Cinnamon, Mugwort and Sandalwood. Blend with arrowroot powder. Sprinkle on your sheets before sleeping. Cast a circle of jasper crystal stones around you when you lie down. Hope this helps make your dreams clearer and allows you to focus and remember them when you wake up. Brightest Blessings.

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