What is black magic?

what is black/dark magic exactly im not some close minded jesus freak its fine i just want to no if u are willing to teach it to me or give me some kind of reconmendation on certain books i dont want to practice it i just want to no as much as possible about it………..it just intrests me and no need to worry i dont get influenced by much and i am no cat so its all good i just would love to learn as much as possile about witchcraft thak u kind regaurds Calvin

Greetings Calvin, Black magic is the practice of witchcraft that is used specifically to hurt others. Since magick is all powerful, we can use our minds to do practically anything. This means we can help or hurt others as we choose. However, because the Universe is self-sustaining, there is no action without reaction. This means that every thought, word and deed that you produce, there is an equal and opposite reaction from the Universe. If you think lovingly of someone, they also feel lovingly and have loving thoughts towards you. If you and angry with someone, you provoke the same reaction in that person. So what you give, you get back. That is the rule that Wicca follows. In the 16th century, many witches were killed by order from the pope because he was ignorant about the practice of witchcraft at that time. Witches at that time were mainly herbal witch doctors or psychics who helped people see their future. Many of the ones killed weren’t even witches. Anyway, the ignorance regarding witchcraft is so widespread that most people try to clarify whether its black magick or white magick they practice. Although I don’t believe the term “black” to be in any way negative, Europeans have always used it in derogatory ways. They called people in the countries they invaded l(ike barbarians) savages and ignorant “natives” etc. They accused African Witchcraft practitioners of being able to kill, maim or hurt peope using their dolls. So voodoo as well got a bad reputation because of their ingorance. People come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and temperamets. Our powers are the same, whether we think positively or negatively. Magick can be used for beneficial purposes or for damaging and sinister purposes. However, as I said before, the Universe is always watching us and helping us. We have to take the good along with the bad. So what comes back to us will always be the same as what we put into the Universe. To learn black magic, check out the following book: Book of Black Magic and Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite. It is available on Amazon.com Brightest Blessings.

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