What is “External sacred space”?

“Your external sacred space with contain your altar, circle” what does that mean like actally make a circle and if so what kind of circle, any type of circle? thx

Greetings! It is a good practice to cleanse our surroundings before we work a spell. If there is negative energy present in the area where we work our spell, our spells may not be very effective. So I usually advice you all to prepare your “Sacred space” before you work the spell. What is this “Sacred space” we are talking about? The sacred space consists of an inner sacred space and an outer sacred space. The inner one is where you can go instantly (with practice) when you close your eyes. It is that magickal zone in your mind when you are alone with your thoughts. As you let go of the external sounds and focus on your breathing, your mind goes higher and higher to that special place in your mind from which you can push forth your intentions very easily. It is the springboard for your magickal workings. The outer sacred space is different from this inner one, of course. The outer space is a secluded place on land where you will not be disturbed. This can be a small room, a simple and safe cave or clearing out in the woods, on the beach, etc. This outer sacred space is called your altar. Some people have an altar inside their house, in a corner where you keep your Goddess and God figurines, the Pentacle, the tools and maybe some candles and other items used in rituals. Remember, the inner and outer sacred spaces are not limited by shape or size. Now that we have found out what the inner space and outer space is, let us move on to what casting a circle means. Before we work any spell, it is good to clear the area of negative energy. To do this we define a circle in the Outer sacred space (your altar) where you can work without any hindrance from unwanted energies or spirits. This circle may be defined by lit candles or rocks or shells or just with an Athame. This circle is believed to be safe from all outside energies so that you are free to work your spells with the minimum of interference. After you cast the circle and close it, you sit by the altar to work your spell. When you close your eyes, you are transported magickally to your internal sacred space from which you may complete your spell working. On completion of your spell, you open the circle and allow the Elements and Guides to leave and then you leave your altar (or outer sacred space). At this point, the spell is done. So, in summary, inner sacred space = in your mind, you reach this space by meditation, intense concentration outer sacred space = An area inside or outside where you can peacefully work cast a circle, close it – you do this just before you work your spell open the circle – you do this right after the spell is worked. Hope this helps your question. Brightest Blessings!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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