What is Green Magick?

I was asked by a friend what green magic is can you help as my friend answered questions I had not asked anyone

Well, here is an answer for your friend, then.  Green magick, or Green Witchcraft, is very much Wicca distilled.  Green witches are also known as “cottage witches”, and are what you would think of as herbalists.  Although there are no hard and fast rules, Green witches are usually solitary witches.  They have and cultivate (if you’ll pardon the pun) an even deeper bond with nature than your average Wiccan. 

A green witch is environmental.  S/he honors the physical environment around him/her, and may frequently be found outdoors in the sun, wind, rain, woods, and storm.  The elements are particularly precious to those who practice green magick, and the practitioners feel that frequent exposure to the elements heightens the positive results of their castings. 

There are those who would argue that all Wiccans are green witches…but hey, there are always those who would argue anything, aren’t there?  Personally, I have no problem if folks wish to categorize themselves.  Blessings upon them, and upon the green path they travel! 

For some interesting reading on Green Magick and Green Witchcraft, you might wish to consider reading some books by Ann Moura.  She is a third generation Green Witch, and is also a very prolific author on the subject of green witchcraft.  Here are a few of her titles:

“Green Magic:  The Sacred Connection To Nature”  Ann Moura, 2002

“Green Witchcraft II”  (same as above)

“Green Witchcraft III:  The Manual” 

“Grimoire For The Green Witch:  A Complete Book of Shadows.”

I hope this information helped.  Blessed Be.

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