What is in reversible oil and cleansing oil?

What is in reversible oil and cleansing oil? I know Rosemary oil is Protection. Thanks Virginia Light

Merry Meet Seeker,
What a wonderful question!. Yes, Rosemary is a wonderful botanical that is used for many reasons, one of which is for protection.
Reversible oil is used when a person suspects that a hex has been put on them by another person. Although they may not know this malevolent person, there is a way to return the “favor” by sending it right back to the person who originated it. For example, if person A has put a malevolent (harmful) spell on Person B, then Person B can easily send the harmful intentions back to Person A by working on a Reversible spell.
Although the repecussions of sending an evil spell back is not very clear, if it is something that has really bothered you and you cannot get rid of it, they it is okay to send it back. To make it happen, you can work on a Reversing spell.
Cleansing is like cleaning the spirit. We clean when our body is dirty or when our hair needs washing. These habits are called cleaning because they clean some physical parts However, when we get sick or have been the target of a malevolent spell, we need to cleanse our spirit of all malevolent attacks by cleansing our aura, spirit and our surroundings by working on a cleansing spell. Many people do cleansing spells when they get back home. When we travel, we meet and come near many spirits who can easily affect our moods. So a cleansing bath with some lemon juice added to the bath water will not only “celan” you, but it will also “cleanse” our aura so that your thoughts become pure. Only when our thoughts are pure and powerful can we create.
Brightest Blessings.

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