What is my future and will I get money?

hi my name is karla and i am wantimg to know what my futures gonna be, and if i am gonna get in to some money.

Hi Karla, it is nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I think you have the wrong person. I am a witch, not a fortune teller – and thus I really don’t know what your future is going to be or if you are going to get any money. It is kind of funny sometimes how often people hear witch and automatically assume that I can divine the future or tell them how their life will unfold or whatever else might be coming up next. Trust me, if it worked that way then Wicca would have already been declared the State religion and you’d see Donald Rumsfeld casting rituals on the White House lawn. As it is, thanks to the gift of free will, the only person who can divine or prognosticate on your future, Karla, is you. You do it every day through the choices you make and the things you decide upon. So, hopefully you’ve been choosing well and your future will be nice and bright. Are you going to get some money? Well, I do not really know. Are you currently working? Are you doing anything to make it happen? Generally I have found that the universe is much more responsive to the things we want if we are willing to take an active hand in choosing our own destinies. So, good luck with the future and getting whatever money you are looking for.

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