What is the connection between dreams and death?

I will make this simple I had two dreams one was within days of the person dying and the other was a couple of years before the person died. In both dreams I couldn’t see the face of the person passing but they both passed away

Thank you for writing to me. Dreams may have many meanings. First of all, most people push back a lot of thoughts to the recesses of their minds and these thoughts surface when the mind is calmer. If you are about to take a big risk in life, you may see yourself falling off a cliff or wading in deep water, etc. If you are wondering whether your life is taking off, you may even experience the feeling of flight. You may also see images of people you have never seen before and wonder who they are. Some people believe that when we sleep, our souls travel to other realms and we see our old soul mates. Sleep is supposed to be that restful state when we replenish our spirits with encouragement from the other side. We are here to experience life by choice and sometimes we may need some pep talks to continue the struggle on Earth. Some people remember past lives through their dreams. They may see themselves drowning, getting hurt in combat, in a train wreck, etc. Dreams are also powerful tools that may be used to purposefully visit other realms and find out answers to questions that are bothering you. If you are psychically powerful, you may be able to visit with some of your relatives who have passed into other realms. There are many spells that you can work on which may help you find the truth about various questions you may have. The fact that you saw two people who passed away may mean that you can see into the future. If you could identify them without their faces, what characteristic did they have so that you immediately identified them? Is it some common trait that they had which held your interest? Anyway, do not worry about these dreams. We see many people in our dreams and many things may happen to them. If it bothers you, do read more about dream interpretations (there are many books available) or and set your mind at rest. Hope this helps. Blessed Be.

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