What is the difference between Doves Blood for Dragon’s blood in spells?

You have stated In some of your spells to use Dragons Blood,all I have Is Doves Blood would that make a difference In the spells?Thank-You for your help.

Merry Meet Seeker, Dragon’s blood and Dove’s blood are products made from natural botanicals found on Earth. Dragon’s blood is an ink made from the botanical which secretes a resin that is dissolved in alcohol to make the ink which has several purposes. The ink is sometimes dark red in color and that is the reason it is called Dragon’s “blood”. In earlier times, when Witches were hunted by violent mobs (in the name of God!!) it was common to call herbs and plants with such names, to keep the secrets of witchcraft away from the clueless and angry masses. That is also one of the reasons why the Book of Shadows is called so. Most recipes in the books, had items such as dove’s blood or sheep’s ears; all of which were medicinal or magickal herbs used in preparartions that actually healed people from serious health conditions. Witches, as many of us are aware, were the original healers (or witch doctors) The botanical called Dragon’s blood is found mainly in a tree native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra and it is used for many spells as well as to cure various illnesses. It is also used as a base to make Dove’s ink. Another ink called Bat’s blood is also made from a base of Dragon’s blood. To make Bat’s blood, chamomile, myrrh and cinnamon oils are added to Dragon’s blood. To make Dove’s blood, cinnamon, bay and rose oils are added to Dragon’s blood ink. So as you can see, it is okay to substitute Dove’s ink in most spells that require Dragon’s blood. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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