What is the history of Witchcraft?

what is the history of whitchcraft ??

Merry Meet Seeker, That is a wonderful question indeed! The history of witchcraft is exactly the history of our civilization! At a time when the Earth and other planets were formed, there were no humans or any living beings on them. The mind-boggling reactions with intense heat and light (that is similar to a volcanic eruption) results in the formation of new planets and other celestial bodies. However, when the Earth had cooled down, life started to prosper. No one knows where our human originated from. But they knew that the Earth was magickal – there were things we could see and things that were invisible to the human eye. They knew that every animal, insect, bird or other living things had an equal footing on this new planet. As the planet’s inhabitants increased, witchcraft evolved with them. As you can see, there was no prophet, no messiah and no religious books. People were amazed at the power and magick of our surroundings and were mesmerized at the beauty that unfolded around them. The roar of the oceans, the twinkling stars in the skies, the mighty wind that could bring down trees and the bright sun which made our forests grow were all just part of the wonderful world around them. How fascinating the world was for these original settlers on Earth! Reverence to Nature slowly emerged into ideas about the divinity behind all things natural. This divinity (the ONE) may have taken the form of different deities, but the people seemed to understand that the world was theirs to use and not abuse. People started to notice that for each action we take, there was an opposite reaction. If we do good deeds, we were rewarded with good tidings. If we hurt someone, sooner or later, we would get some bad news. The more we took care of the Earth, the more blessed we were. That is why the nomads move from region to region to allow the environment to return to its original state. Being grateful to the abundance around us and knowing that we need to preserve the beauty of this Earth also came naturally to the early inhabitants on Earth. In essence, witchcraft was born! Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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