What is the three-fold rule?

hello well i was just browsing through some of your q&a and i was wondering What is the Tree-fold rule i know this is probably a really stupid question

Merry Meet Seeker, Welcome to the site! It is wonderful to hear when someone new enters the site and also enters good questions on this forum. There are really no stupid questions. Anyone eager for more knowledge is very welcome here. :) The Wiccan Rede specifies that ” An it harm none, do what ye will” which means that practitioners of Wicca can do anything they wish unless they have bad intentions. Another belief in some Wiccan groups is that what we do is returned three-fold by the Universe. This rule is also called “The Rule of three”, “Three fold law” or “Law of Return”. According to this law, whatever energy we put in to the Universe, whether it is positive (good intentions) energy or negative (bad intentions) energy, it is returned to the giver three times. Some religions scare people by making them believe that a judgemental God punishes them by putting them in (imaginary) Hell or Purgatory, etc. In Wicca, there are no such threats. Wicca expects each one of us to be brave and creative by giving us the freedom to think and act for ourselves by doing our best to improve the world and doing nothing to hurt the world. Compared to many other religions, Wicca allows its practitioners to think through each of their actions and how it affects the rest of the world. Wicca gives people back their powers and allows them to freely use their creative physical, emotional and spiritual powers. As human beings we have to make choices in life. With this belief, we raise some awareness in human beings that what we do everyday affects each and every entity in this world. If we do good things, the results are magnified many times and if we damage our environment, the damages go further than just our immediate surroundings. A wonderful way to conscientiously live and let live indeed! Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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