What is the truth about Magick?

Where does one go for the truth about magic? There are many lies online.

One of the things I love about the Internet is the freedom for anyone to contribute
to the growing body of knowledge online. However, in some cases, like you�ve
described, this freedom can definitely be a downside. There is a lot of misinformation
on the Web about the practice of Witchcraft. Some of it comes from newbie pagans
who don�t know any better, and some of it is harmful and hateful lies spread
by religious organizations.

I�ve always believed that the best place to find the truth about witchcraft
and magick is from people that you meet and work with locally in the form of
a coven. However, if you are just interested in learning the basics of magick
and are not ready to join a coven, there are other options for you.

There is a lot of good information online, but you have to look carefully for
it. This website is a good starting place, as are my magick courses. You can
also find other reputable sources for information through www.witchvox.com and
www.belief.net. The online resources for magick though, in my opinion, tend
to repeat themselves a bit. To really learn about magick, I�d suggest
you look into getting some books.

There are several good e-books available, and there are also probably some
within your local library system. Reading a book will give you more in depth
information that most website (except for this one!) will. Also, with a book
you can be certain that the information that you are receiving is correct. Depending
on where you are in your quest for information, there are introductory books,
intermediate books and advanced magick books.

You can also browse through this website and my blog for the truth about magick.
I promise to deliver the best information on the subject that I have gathered
through my years of experience on this path.

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