What is the wand used for?

Hi <3 I am a newer witch, i have been looking at witchcraft and magick for some time now. I recently made a wand (as recomended by a close friend) however i am not sure how to use it. I dont know any spells to go with the wand. I was hoping you would know some, so i could put my want to good use! <3 Thanks you for the time you must take to read all of the hundreds of thousands you must recive. Becs <3

Merry Meet Becs,
I am so happy to hear that you are looking into witchcraft for some time and even made a wand for yourself. Witchcraft can be worked without the use of tools such as a wand or athame. However, these tools do lend us some of their energies and they supplement the energy that we produce so that the resulting power will be able to accomplish our goals. Symbolic items such as the wand are used as tools in spell-working because they add to the energies with their own stored powers, powers that we have previously infused on them with each use.
When we first buy or get a tool, it is important to cleanse it and consecrate it so that the energies from the previous owners will be erased. After the consecration, the tool is ready for your use. Of all the tools that are used in magick, the wand is the most versatile. To create a wand, most people use the wood of hazel, oak, willow or elder trees.
The wand has been used for millenniums to direct energy that is produced by the witch. The foremost use for a wand is to directly the Goddess and the God during spells, rituals or celebrations. The wand is also used to direct energy and also to charge or consecrate objects. The wand is associated with the Southern direction and its energy is Fire. The wand may also be considered to be a tool of Air.
Other uses of the wand include drawing circles or symbols on the ground or air as well as sometimes to stir the cauldron (if it has no ornamentation on it).
Brightest Blessings

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