What kind of herbs do I need for my spell?

When I make a potion and it asks for herbs, what form of herb am I supposed to use? Whole, ground, fresh, dry. The ingredient list is never specific.

The reason that the ingredient list is never specific is because the writer of
the spell does not want that to be a limiting factor in creating the potion. They
don�t want people to avoid making the potion because they don�t have
the �right� type of herb. All forms of the type of herb will work,
but each will work to a different degree.

Let me make this perfectly clear: herbs that are used in spells and magick
are picked for specific purposes. They are very powerful on their own and are
picked for their magickal properties. Any form of the herbs will make the magick

That being said, I personally prefer working with fresh herbs in my spellwork.
I keep a magickal garden and I find that I can start putting my own energy into
the herbs and they are growing. This makes the magick I use them for more powerful
in my eyes because I�ve been there from the start with the herbs. For
potions, I grind my fresh herbs with a mortar and pestle to make them dissolve
better. The potion will also fit into a small bottle with the herbs crushed
and liquefied.

I grow most of the herbs that I use in practice, but occasionally I will need
an herb that I need to buy. I always pick a trusted local shop. If you don�t
have a local shop to by from, do some research online and find a good online
store. Get to know the storeowners and ask them about how and where the herbs
are grown. Actual pagans will pay attention to the timing of harvesting the
herbs and should not use pesticides or other chemicals on their herbs. When
you receive the herbs, you should consecrate them as you would any other magickal
tool before you use them.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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