What kind of spell is this?

I have a fairly simple question. I am just wondering what type of spell would include the following components: Cherry Wood Holy Water Rosemary Black Tea Salt to Bind White Silk The reason I ask is that I am personally a spiritual person. I believe that the higher powers of the universe created the many forms of religions that exist so that there is one for every person to be able to get an understanding of the afterlife and the world around them. My boyfriend is a wiccan and I have never had any problems with his beliefs, because they are his, however i found a list of spell components listed on a piece of paper and my curiosity got the better of me. Thanks for your help.

It is good to know that you are a very understanding person when it comes to individual beliefs. When it comes to love, trust is the most important of all virtues. If you cannot trust someone, there is no love. Being a Wiccan, your boyfriend knows that if he does anything negative, he will reap three times the negative consequences. From the list of ingredients that you have mentioned, there is no indication of anything negative or evil. All of the items mentioned are positive, loving items, usually used for love or healing spells. Instead of putting this question up on internet forums, there is a much easier way to find out what these ingredients are for: ASK your boyfriend! If he is a trusted friend, he will give you a straight answer. If he evades the question or says that it is none of your business, have the patience to give him the space he needs. Trust him so that he will not feel that his privacy has been invaded. It is important that you trust him as a boyfriend and allow him enough space to be an individual. You may also watch and see how he behaves with you and with everyone around in his circle to find out if there is anything to worry about in your relationship and where it is headed. Candid conversations can help clear the air and is considerably more effective than beating around the bush or taking the round-about way. As you are aware, your boyfriend is also a spiritual person who will not do anything to hurt you. You are right to assume that each person does the best in life with what they believe in. I hope that you and your boyfriend will discuss this rationally and your problems will be sorted out soon so that you can go back to a blissful, joyous life devoid of worries. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Dennis says:

    I have a problem. My EX is having hard times, she has moved to a different city and can’t find a job. She is the mother of my children, who live with me, so I don’t want to see her in hard straits. My question is, is there a way to help her, that will not draw her back to me, as more than friends. I am afraid that any positive energy I send to her would pull her back, and though I like her as a person, the feelings are no longer there as a spouse etc. thanks in advance.

  2. charlie says:

    hi rose!!!!!!im learning witchcraft and i want to be like you!he!he!do you know this spell?”rue sanctus espiritus rein nostros and horn nostrom dominates”I HAVE A SPELL BOOK!he!he!i have a more latinized spells but the other are translated into english!I am a filipino from philippines!nice to meet you!thanks!

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