What spell will protect me from black magick?

Could you send me a good protection spell? My old friends are starting a black magick clan thing and i would like to feel reasured that I am protected

Hi Roxanne Do you have reason to believe that your “old friends” would try to hurt you? If they are just starting out they probably don’t know much. Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, witchcraft doesn’t work like that. They can’t just “zap’ you. However, you need to know that they can’t, either. Magick is 90 percent intent, so if you believe they can get you–they can. If you would feel better with an amulet for protection, put St. john’s wart and salt in a gold bag and wear it around your neck, they won’t be able to get through the salt.

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  1. jason says:

    I would also like to add a simple protection thing that someone could do as well. It is very effective and will keep any type of bad magick from affecting you.

    take a small glass jar with a lid (mason jar works best)

    fill the jar full of shards of glass nails and any other sharp piercing items of the sort. take a few small locks of hair from your body. and also and this part kinda hurts (ouch) prick your finger and drop a few drops of your blood in the jar. And one more kinda sick thing! fill the jar full of your own urine.

    seal the jar tightly and take it somewhere and bury it. But first use holy water to concecrate the hole that you have just dug saying the lords prayer.

    cover the jar and forget about it. It is a very powerful protection spell against bad magick. But the most powerful is yourself. Only believing someone will come to harm you will actually succeed in doing so.

    Blessed be.

  2. Gavin says:

    Thank you so much, I needed help and it seems I was destined to find this. I read an herbal book when the saint john’s wart caught my eye. I need this spell, because a black magician seems to be cursing me. He is very new to the subject, but enough to fetch a devil on me. Maybe I’ll get the other compound to help me: salt, sulfur, and sand grounded together into a powder.

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