What spells can be used for attracting, winning, or coming into money?

Hello Rose,

I wanted to ask you if by chance, do you have special kinds of spells used for money, like attracting, or winning, or coming into money. I was wondering about that. I have been trying to think of ways, that would help me out instead of living on a tight budget, to have some luck to getting me to where I would like to be right now. Do you have any spells that would give me the luck that I need to winning a lottery.

Please, do write back to me and let me know, O.K.,


Merry Meet Artz,

Wow, so ambitious! That s good, but casting a spell to win the lottery is quite a stretch. I ll put it this way, if every Witch experienced in Magick use could cast a spell to win the lottery we d have a bunch of Witchy millionaires running around.

But, of course there are a lot of different spells and rituals you can to do open the doors of wealth and success in your life. But let me stress something

It is possible that Money spells can hurt others around you. For example, let s say you cast a spell for money, without really thinking about possible consequences shortly after people that you love perish in some sort of accident, and you get the inheritance or something like that. A morbid thought I know, but something that must be considered.

That s why, at the end of each spell you cast, you should say An it harm none . To make sure that the results you desire will not hurt anyone else in accomplishing your goals.

There are many people struggling with money issues, and many ways to end the money worries with Magick. Just make sure to let your spell go once you have cast it don t think about it, or wonder if it will work. Just know that it will and then go about your life, and put some effort into changing things for yourself

And the money Magick you sent out into the cosmos will bring you all you desire, and more and it will happen in surprising ways that you never guessed

Here is an easy and harmless spell you can practice, so you can start seeing some results which will increase your belief in your Magick for future spells

This is an older beginner spell, but it has worked wonders for many.

Here is what you need:

A coin of each denomination (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
Dried corn
Sesame seeds
Cinnamon sticks
A bottle

Set up your altar with money drawing incense and some green candles (along with the other items normally on your altar).

Cast your Magick circle and sit down to begin your spell work.

Place each item into the bottle one at a time, and each time you put something into the bottle, think about a different way that you could possibly come upon some money. Visualize these things happening as vividly as possible.

Once everything is inside of the bottle, shake it 5 times and say

Money seeds I saw today,
Bring the money like a sunlight ray,
From far and wide I call you here,
Money, Money, I hold you dear

Open your circle, and clean up your space keep this bottle in your room around where you normally keep any money you have. Let the spell go, and go about your life

That s all for now, and this spell should put you on the right path to money, success, and wealth but don t get lazy, and sit back and wait for it to happen! Get out there and allow the Magick to work!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. joey says:

    Dearest Ms. Rose;

    I always play lotto here in our place for 7yrs still I don’t have any luck, but still I’m still hoping that I will hit the jackpot, can you help me if there are some mantra that I can use? so that I can have hit a jackpot in lotto?
    Thanks in advance.

    sincerely yours,

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