What spells should I focused on as an intermediate wiccan?

Hi Rose, I have been studding Wicca for about 6 years, on and off. For some reason I have REALLY gotten into it more than ever before. I feel like I’m still a “beginner” because I’ve been so flakey with practicing it in the past. What types of spells and rituals and techniques would you suggest I focus on to continue my development in my “renewed” state of mind for Wicca? Your Friend James A.K.A (GUPPY)

Hi GUPPY- If you’ve already made a beginning and now feel as if you’ve hit a plateau, a group of like minded individuals is your next move. When we flake off practicing, it’s usually because we have no one to hone our skills with. It’s time to branch out and look for a group. Try your local occult bookstore and remember to get to know these people WELL before committing to anything. A coven can be your new branch of family or the worst mistake you could make, but all in all, it’s a learning experience, so go with it.

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