What was the ritual that was performed on me when I was young?

hi rose, ive been believing only in witchcraft since 3 or 4 yrs now, i have a question that i have kept asking me since long. i am 20yrs and live on an island where there are different religion. i was born in ‘tamoule’ thats how we call it there. its kind of indian religion. well when i was 1yrs it is a ritual in this religion but not to everyone. i was chosen to do this ritual. my father also did it when he was young. it’s kind of black magick i think… there is a priest that cut out all my hair on my head and then cut the throat of a black hen and let the blood flow on my head. thats frightening. my mum told me often about this but she dont know why they had to do this and noone knows. i have no contact with any priest and wanted to askk you about this, i wanted to know why they did this on me, is it a protection? against what then?…that stay a big ? in my head

Merry Meet Seeker, I can see that you have been worrying about this ritual for a long time! Don’t worry, this is not black magic at all!! As you correctly mentioned, Tamoule is an old East Indian language (not religion). It is called Tamil and is followed by the oldest inhabitants of India, the Dravidians. The state of “Tamil Nadu” in India is the center of the Tamil region which has spread throught out the world in the last 5000 years or so. So you have to be proud of the fact that your bloodline starts from some of the oldest witches in the world. As we know, the continents of Africa and India were very close at one time, maybe even attached to each other. A tsunami or earthquake pushed India towards the north and is still doing so as the Himalayalas rise higher and higher every year. Coming back to the ceremony, it is still common among the Tamils in India to shave off the hair of babies when they are about a year old. This is done in the belief that the hair will grow back thicker and stronger. Also, people believe that if the hair is donated, the baby will derive a lot of benefit in her life by this ceremony. Black hens are considered a rarity in India and they are used in rituals even now by the pagan (called tribal) communities there. The blood of black hens contain rich iron and other nutrients and they are believed to be magickally powerful to erase or dispel all negative energies. As a baby, this ritual is supposed to protect the top of the head where the Sahasrara chakra is located. This chakra symbolizes detachment from illusion; an essential element in obtaining higher consiouness and liberation from life’s eternal cycles. So your ceremony was to enlighten you and to remove all negativity from your life. It has nothing to do with black magick or hurting anyone else. Hope this helps bring some relief into your troubled mind. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Peta-Anne Havenga says:

    Merry Meet Rose,

    I know that we are not supposed to give energy to a curse and to forget them. But, for the last couple of years my husband and myself have been in financial difficulties and now this last year, everything fell off the tracks. My husband lost money which was paid to him from leaving one job and while waiting to hear from another firm when to start, we had to use this money to live on which took around 3 months. Then he had a bad experience in this firm with lies and back stabbing and resigned. A court case later went sour when trying to get money owed to him from the firm and his own lawyer sold him down the tubes. He then took a job which I told him not to take and for the last 8 months he has had no salary. We are in terrible debt and now have to get help. He could not ask for help before because of being in a financial advisory situation and could lose his job. He has been lied to again and backstabbed. In all the years I have known him, he has been kind and helpful to his fellow workers. There has been a lot of jealousy as well. He should have risen and achieved a lot more in his years than what he has. Just recently, a client turned out to be a female Sangoma. She told him that he has been cursed and this by a very close female friend in the age of 48 to 53. She says this female believes that my husband has something she wants and that she has got someone to do a blood ritual by cutting a chicken, but she says this person is not very good at doing this. I have had psychic attack as has my eldest son of this marriage. My eldest son of a previous marriage, stayed in our flat for 7 months of this year and also has them. We do have friends of this age bracket and the one who we thought it might have been only has half sisters, as the Sangoma says she has two sisters and the one is helping her…. I have been looked at by him because I am a solitary witch and I have two sisters, but they do not delve in the Craft and do not know anything about it. I have myself cursed my husband but in temper and immediately retracted it. The sangoma gave my husband a crystal for his car. She also asked how his car was and it was my car that was in a bad state. I feel that we are involved in all this as a family. I have other issues from when I was a baby and had my afterbirth stolen from a home birth and this was done against my mother who lives with us over 52 years ago. The domestic helper caused deaths in our family of members that lived in my grandmothers house as she did not want to share her with other people. She had a witchdoctor/sangoma as a boyfriend. I lost my dad two weeks before I was born. My grandfather died, and my mother has had marriage, money and health problems al her life. I am in my second marriage and fighting for survival. I don’t have money and everything that I want to do turns sour or I just lose…. Help please. I know what a witch should and should not do, but this is out of my power and hands. My mother has had black domestics burying stuff in her garden and the dog dug it up. Here at home, we built a flat onto our house which changed the Karma of the building and I feel that something was maybe buried in the foundations becuase since the building took place there has been bad luck here. My mothers last husband started dying here as well. She has had 4 husbands. One she divorced because he was evil and only wanted to do things to us girls, which he did do to my one sister, which has left emotional scars in her life. I feel that this is all interwoven. My mother also reads her bible everyday of her life. Her fathers family came from the Rhine Valle in Germany and were practicing Jews, and her mother’s family who were Jewish, but not practicing came from Norway. My mother only found out that she had Jewish connections in the last year or two. My dad was from Welsh stock on his dad’s side. Rose, I know that the person that is doing something to us works with my husband and is in daily contact with him. She makes sure that she speaks to him in his office everyday and he gets used by her husband to do things for them because he feels indebted to them for giving him a job when he was in need. The twist is that her husband is stabbing him in the back, is a very vindictive person and tries to bury everything that my husband tries to do, and yet the Company belongs to this man. His wife is 51, practices Reiki, lives in the clouds, is very strange. Probably is a practicing witch. I know she is very clued up in Herbs as her husband told me she has a vast library on herbs. She keeps away from me for some reason. Maybe she can feel that I know she is up to something or perhaps she is scared of me. She has been into our home twice in the last 3/4 years. She could have planted a charm in my home which I will have to find. She is a psychic vampire as well as she drains my husband. He is also losing a lot of weight over all this. I have to find out if she has managed to get something personal of his. I have told him to remove himself from them as much as possible, but they always manage to get him to do something for them so that he is around them.

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