What you should know about air wands

In Wicca and most magickal religions, wands are used to direct or channel energy. Wands are usually made of wood from selected trees that are believed to be beneficial. Instead of wood, some types of metal may be used for the same purpose. Regardless of how the wand is made, it works to channel the energy of the person holding the wand.
Air serves as a transmitter as well as a messenger for all magick. Most natural phenomena such as smoke or fire eventually disappear into “thin” air. Air is a masculine energy and is the medium through which fragrance is spread as well. Witches fly through the air to work on their assignments and word charms and chants speed to their destination via the air “plane”. Although air is invisible to humans, we know that it exists when we feel a breeze caressing us or when we see a tornado in action which proves us that higher powers come into play in Nature.
One thing that most people need to know about air wands is that we cannot use just any wood or metal for making air wands. The kind of wood that is used to make Wiccan wands, for example, include Elm, Oak, Mexican plum, Green Ash, dry honeysuckle, Peach wood, Mulberry, Hackberry, Willow, etc.
In order to get a piece of wood, it is best if the wood has already fallen from the tree. If not, look for a tree limb that seems special to you and offer libations to the tree before breaking it. To make your own air wand, all you need is a limb that is about 13 inches in length. So try not to cut a fresh limb but walk around a park or in the woods to find your own special piece of wood that speaks to you and which will help you with all of your magickal needs. When you have found your piece of wood, bless and thank the Tree for allowing you to use it.
One of the first things to do when you are making a wand for your magickal needs is to take the piece of wood home. Using a sharp knife, scrape off the bark gently without hurting the limb. Remove any smaller branches and pare it down to just one limb after removing leaves, flowers and fruits if any.
If you wish, carve the wand to you specifications and style. Decorate it with crystals, gemstones or decorate it with runes. You may also wind it with wire or decorate with cords, crystals, magnets, metals and other items that distribute energy efficiently and are special to you.
The next step is to cleanse, consecrate and energize the wand. Use this ritual:
You will need a pentacle, water, white candle and incenses. Cast you circle.
Step 1: Hold the wand and say “I have chosen this wand to assist me in my work”
Step 2: Visualize that the wand is being cleared of all negativity. Take as much time as you need until you feel that the wand is clean.
Step 3: Hold the wand and imagine positive energy flowing from your body to the wand. Visualize an amazing white light flowing through your body to the wand. Feel the wand absorbing the powerful energies that will enable it to be an amazing and powerful tool.
Step 4: Now point the prepared wand to the North, East, South and West in turn beseeching the powers to cleanse and fill the wand. Also, each time, touch the pentacle saying “In the names of the Goddess and God, I bless and make sacred this wand as a tool of my craft”.
The wand is now ready to be used as a channel to focus your energies. Before you use a wand, it is best to rub your hands vigorously to create energy paths in your hands. It is best if you hold your wand in your writing/dominant hand since you are already good at using it for many other activities.
Always use the wand only when you are in a positive, energized mood. Do not use it when you are angry or upset. It is a great idea to cleanse the wand periodically. Use your wand to heal others and to balance and ground yourself. Also, you can use your energized wand to heal others from regular everyday stress, headaches and tension, as well as all kinds of pain including physical, mental or emotional pains. Always ask a human for their permission before you use your wand on them.
Since energy flows and loses its strength, it is very important to recharge it. You may place it in sunlight or moonlight depending on the items used to make it. For example, if crystals are used, they may break or crack in heat. Metals may over heat and change their shape. Do not allow others to handle your wand unless you trust them to be high energy people who will not change the powers of your wand.
The wand can also be cleansed periodically by passing it through burning sage, a process called smudging. You may also place it in a river (holding on to it with a cord or sash) where the water is moving away from you.

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