When can I get an email response from Rose?

When will you e-mail me?

Greetings! I can understand your eagerness to get an email from me. I really would love to answer each and every question that I get, but it seems impossible at this point. I get thousands of questions a week. You know how your inbox sometimes gets very cluttered because of all the emails that come in, especially after you return from vacation? Well, my inbox is always like that. Although I have some people to help me catetorize them and move them into folders, it is impossible to even read them as they come in. I really appreciate your questions and will try to answer them all as practically as I can, one by one. However, this will take some time due to the large number of questions that are in the “to-be-answered” queue. I hope that everyone waiting for an answer will be patient. You can watch for an answer to your question at the site. I put it on the site because there may be other people who are seeking answers to the same question. So printing the answers one by one at the site will enable everyone who visits the site to read the answers. When I have a lot of answers on the site, then maybe the number of questions will not be so large and I will be able to answer them as they come in. I really love to see your questions and I hope that you will find happiness and joy in your life. Brightest Blessings!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Ashlie says:

    dear rose,
    i turned 12 last november and since i was 11 i was interested in magic.I started doing reaserch but every where i went i couldnt find nothing.There was this place where gave me spells and i did one but i got a water bowl and it ended up raining for 2 weeks.I want to learn how to make spells and do magick.If you can help me that would be great,ps im the kinda girl that believes in santa.I didint ask him becouse i was afraid my parents would laugh or somthing even though they love me.Thanks

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