When will I conceive a baby?

im married on 19 Jan 08 until now i cant consive. my sis in law married 5 year ago and still dunt have baby same goes to my husband brother. what happen to my family and y we cant get baby. my date of birth 22 mac 83 and my husband 9 dec 78.

Greetings! I can see that you are very worried about not getting pregnant in four or five months after marriage. Many couples take at least a year to conceive after the marriage. Stress is the number one problem that prevents people from getting married. So relax and take your time. Enjoy your marriage, just being together and having those special times without worrying about whether you are conceiving or not. The more you worry, the more problems you will have getting pregnant. Here are some things you can do to increase the probability of conception: 1. Eat a good diet full of vegetables and fruits. Reduce your sugar intake to a minimum as blood sugar levels sometime impedes fertilization. 2. Exercise regularly and keep fit 3. Reduce any excess weight you may have, but do not go below the recommended weights (too little and too much is not good for conception) 4. Take a multivitamin everyday 5. Enjoy time with other babies if you can. Offer to baby sit other’s children and get some good karma back 6. Stop worrying and expect the baby – Imagine being pregnant, holding your baby, feeding her, clothing him, bathing her, etc. See the baby in your mind, laughing, crying, eating. 7. Light some candles on a new moon day and visualize yourself holding and feeding a brand new baby. 8. Plant basil in your house. 9. Hang branches of fresh basil over your bed to encourage conception. Replace the branches as necessary. 10. Add a lot of basil to your diet. Hope this helps you conceive quickly and deliver a beautiful, healthy baby. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. Josie says:

    I dnt knw if i can get pregnant ive tried it with my boyfriend 2 tims n nothin i dnt knw what to do

  2. Ashlee says:

    Im Ashlee birth date 07/29/1986 Husbands 01/04/1977.. We were married on 01/13/2006 I have had 2 miscarriages.. I dont get my periods every 28 days.. more like 3-4 months.. Im just wondering If I am cursed..?? When Will I be blessed with a child..??

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