When will my problems end?

I have reallly difficult sytuaction,when my all problems are goon for good?

Life, I’m afraid, is never that simple.

Your situation will change and things may get better, or worse, for awhile, but your problems will never be gone for good.

No matter how much we try, no matter how much we pray, and no matter how good we are, life always has rocky situations for us. People die. Things go wrong. People hurt us.

The key is to have enough Faith to turn those problems back over to the Universe and accept the help that it offers. This can be especially difficult for some people because the Universe is not in the habit of giving out freebies. More often than not, there are things each of us can do to clean up out bad situations and the Universe expects us to do that.

Sometimes, the Universe offers help from unlikely sources and sometimes, we aren’t paying enough attention to see when the help is offered. at those times, the Universe will often bat you upside the head, usually with something that feels awful at the moment, to teach you the lessons you needs to know.

And sometimes, the bad things that happen to us are to teach us to bemore aware of things around us. They don’t call it elarning from your mistakes for nothing! The universe wants you to observe the bad situations, learn how to fight your way through to a bright tomorrow and figure out why things went wrong in the first place.

Then, with confidence, you can turn your troubles back over to the Universe and know that the assistance you need to make it through will be there. And, when the time comes, you will have the knowledge and experience to turn it around and help soemone else who is suffering through similar circumstances.


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  1. smitha says:

    hi rose

    i know that trying to force some one or controlling their free will is bad, but what if u really think they are your soulmate?
    i have been in a relationship for the last 3years, but over the last 3years our relationshiop has been rocky from time to time, but for the last 3months, it has just become extremely traumatic. In my heart i know i love him and i know he does too, but communication seems to be a problem with us, he cuts himself off from me when he gets angry, days & weeks go0 by without any comunication.
    This is starting to frustrate me a lot now,i believe there is some anger or hurt that he holds in his heart that is causing him to get so much anger /pain that is getting directed towards our reklationship.
    he gets back with after a few weeks & says he is sorry,but he cant fight his own ego.
    Is there any spell i can try to heal his heart, he knows i will always be there for him, but he still wont opn up or communicate with me, i do not undertstand why he gets mad at the smalllest thing and cuts me off for sevaral days and weeks.
    I love him very much but his on/off relationship and anger and aloofness are traumatising me too much, I want to get us both into counselling for our relationship, but how can i when his heart is shut.?
    I want to heal our love of all the anger and negativity and i want to heal his heart of all the pain i may have caused him, and whatever else it is that is eating him inside, please let me know if there is a way.

  2. Hina says:

    hy Rose,

    I am so tired now, I have been a victim of black magic since 5 years..now i dont know what to do…I have been to so many healers to no avail..may be someone is constantly practicing black magic on me…My first question is if you can tell…is; I want to know the method of finding out if someone has done black magic on u…my next question is tell me a way to get rid of it..what do i do… healers do help me..but after some time it comes back..what should one do at this point of time…please guide me

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