Where can I find people who are interested in Draconic Wicca?

Merry Meet, Rose! How lovely it is to find a practitioner who not only answers questions as best she can, but doesn’t judge or put anyone down! Anyway: I practise draconic Wicca, and I can see and summon the dragons themselves (only in spirit). I know that I am young, and a little naive, but surely there are other people who have these abilities from birth too? If so, what are they called and where can I get in contact with them? Brightest Blessings, Ariel

Merry Meet Ariel! Thank you for your kind words about our site. I am glad we are all in this together, trying to make the world understand the richness and variety in Pagan religions. I am happy to learn that you are able to see and summon Dragons. That is an amazing gift and I am truly happy for you. Here are some sites online where you may find more information on Draconic Wicca http://anthalus.tripod.com/index-8.html http://www.angelfire.com/sd/shedevil/Dragonpath.html http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=ukgb2&c=words&id=11108 Dragons are believed to have existed on Earth a long time ago. Currently, they exist on a higher spiritual plane than we do. Dragons will guide us toward a better understanding of the purpose of our life; that is, they move us toward spiritual fulfillment. As with every other from of energy, good and bad energies exist in Dragons too. If we accept a Dragon energy as our spiritual guide, we will be blessed with timely sense of awareness and intelligence to choose the right from the wrong and good from the evil decisions. As you can see, the energies that exist around us help us to live a complete, beneficial existence without the need to hurt of abuse any part of the human race, our environment or our Universe. Brightest Blessings!

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  1. little feather says:

    You almost got it right.
    I am a realized dragon. In human form we are Earth Warriors, there are more of us then you know and our time has come for us to be known. Be aware my friends this path is far from safe. There is much more to it then you know. We are returning to destroy the illusions of the monster and restore unity out of his duality reality. A unity lead by the womin, the rightful leaders of humanity. Back to a bliss where the children are the center of our reality. But we are only part human, our energy, will, straight, honor, wisdom, power and innate knowledge is far greater then ordinary humans. We are not limited to any religion or belief we are not confined to boxes but travel on the out side of circles. We are born as a tradition and with a purpose. Although I said we are returning, we have always been hear. But we have been hiding for the last 10,000 years more or less. The Monster believed he had gotten rid of us while we were asleep but over time we returned to reminded him we were not gone and returned from time to time to remind the people not only that we are still here but to remind them that they are part of the life force and the living Earth Mother. Now that the Monster is at his strongest he is also at his weakest and now we will return and he will be defeated.
    I am just telling you this little bit of info just so you know you are not alone. There are many of us and our magic is very, very strong!

    Let us communicate…

    Be ye Blessed,
    Little Feather

  2. I find myself visiting to your internet site simply as you have umpteen authentic sentiments and you have a couple of posts like Where can I find people who are interested in Draconic Wicca? , which is very inspiring and suggests you have some insights on this. My catchword – Folks are going to do what they need to say. In the end, they invariably do. The most we can long for is to highlight a couple of things here and there that hopefully permits them to produce an informed decision.

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