Where can I get Wiccan training?

Aloha Rose, It is Daniel I am just wondering I am starting on meditation and yoga to help center myself, I feel my conection to the earth is getting great. I do however want to know how to be properly inishiated to the old religon, I was also wondering if you know of any wiccan schooling I might be able to get… Please let me know, any help would be greatly apprecheated, Sincerly, Daniel

Merry Meet, Daniel!

I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your meditation and yoga. It is an all round fabulous therapy for mind body and spirit! J It will naturally also stand you in good stead in following the Old Ways!

As far as initiation is concerned, there are basically two ways: The one is self-initiation and the other is initiation by a coven. You will, as you quite rightly pointed out, need to first undergo some training or Wiccan Schooling as you called it in your question.  Here are some ways for you to obtain training:

You can join a coven and receive training in the Old Ways through the coven. The benefit is that you can interact with and learn from coven members. The challenges are that you will need to trust the coven members, that you will need to be geographically close to where the coven meets and that you will need time, because the schedules of a coven are not flexible.

You can do web research and buy books. The benefits are that you can do it in your own time and that the books you buy will be an investment. The drawbacks are that internet research is time consuming, the information presented on the internet may sometimes be inaccurate and books can become very expensive. There is no single book that teaches everything. You will require many different ones.

As an alternative, you can have a look at my course. The course is very comprehensive. The information is authentic and comes with DVDs (video), books, manuals, worksheets and many other things. I call it “Witchcraft Academy in a Box”. You also get access to my Inner Circle and updates. You can – if you are interested – have a look: http://www.masteringmagickwitchcraft.com/2/.

I hope this helps, Daniel!

Brightest Blessings!

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  1. Fortunat says:

    Hey! I’m very intrested in learning the craft but I’m in a isolated part of africa where I have very little access to everythin, what do I do? I feel the craft should be my life!

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