Where can you get witchcraft spell books?

There are many books available on the market today that have a wide variety of spells for every occasion. Finding books can be difficult depending on where you life. If you are in an area that doesn’t have a local metaphysical or pagan bookshop, you might be able to find books through your local library system. If there aren’t any at your branch, try searching your county library and seeing if you can have some books sent to you.

However, a lot of people, when first discovering Wicca, don’t feel comfortable ‘outing’ themselves, even if it is just to the local librarian. There are many good used bookshops online, and you can do searches for spell books on www.half.com, www.ebay.com or www.amazon.com. Look for recommendations from other pagans that you know through online groups or in real life. Other people may also be willing to lend you their books or share their favorite spells with you.

There are also some good resources online for spells. When you are looking for spells online, make sure to find rituals that come from reputable sources. Anyone and everyone can post spells on the Internet, whether they work or not. Its best not to waste your time with made up spells that won’t be effective.

Keep in mind that these books and websites should be used as resources only. The eventual goal is to create your own Book of Shadows that holds your favorite spells and rituals. Creating a Book of Shadows is one of the most important steps in developing your personal practice of witchcraft. Once you’ve assembled some helpful witchcraft spell books, you can copy your favorites from the volumes and then adjust them as you need to. Over time, your Book of Shadows will develop into an essential tool of your practice.

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    how i will get a spell bool qnd powers of a wizard

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