Where do I get an Athame from?

hey um..where do i get an athame from?An how do i hide it from my parents?please help me!!&thanks love always,Stephine jones

Greetings Stephine! Its good to know that you are interested in practicing magick. An Athame is a ceremonial sword that is used to consecrate items, cast sacred circles or to define any boundaries for magickal purposes. Its a tool that is not to be used lightly. You can get Athames from second hand stores or other magick stores in your area. You may also get it ordered online. Remember, if it was previously owned by others, it may have the energies of its previous owners still attached to it. So you will have to do consecreate it and cleanse it with your powers. You can also perform magickal spells without an Athame. A tool just enhances your visualization and focus. The source and power of your magick comes from your spirit. Some of the websites that offer Athames are: http://www.moonslightmagic.com/ http://childrenofthecircle.com/MagickMoon/ Look for free shipping offers. You may show it to your parents and tell them that it is a beautiful item you wanted to keep. It is best not to hide it from anyone. It is a powerful magickal tool that should be an item of importance in your rituals. It would be a good idea if you can imagine an Athame while working your spells until you are able to have an Athame publicly in your own house. Brightest Blessings!

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