Where do witches meet?)

Where do witches hang out to meet? How do they get together? Are wiccans the same as witches? What are the deities names? I need a really good spell that will either change myself to make a man want me or to make him fall into my arms…please provide the information in the email….also..are there witch websites that i can go to…how can i contact witches?

Hello there my dear, Witches hang out in the same places other people do. There is not a witches only singles bar. but if youa re looking for people with similar interests, start at a new age bookstore or the Wiccan section of your main bookstore. Next, about changing yourself to make a man fall into your arms. Ummm. No. if you want to change yourself for the right reasons, to improve yourself or be happier about yourself, magic can sometimes make it easier. however, the idea of changing yourself for a man is just plain wrong. There are several very good websites available about witchcraft and wicca. I recommend religioustolerance.org. It is a Canadian website that answers a great many questions that people often have about the Craft. if you are primarily interested in meeting people, i would susgest seeing if the local New Age bookstore has a book club. These usually promote interaction and give you an excellent opportunity to meet new people. Otherwise, join a club or take a class at the local community college. It is a very good way to meet people with similar interests and that is a great way to begin a relationship. Though there is nothing wrong with physical attraction, it does fade and it is much more important that you actually like the person you are with.

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