Where is the best place to buy Witchcraft supplies?

Where to buy the things i need for for witchcraft at a cheap price?

You’ll have to search online or in your local area. The best way above all to get what you need is to harvest it yourself, if you’re talking about herbs for potions and teas. For alter supplies, hit garage and antique sales, and use your imagination. Better yet, want a chalice for your alter? Make it yourself out of ceramics. There are popular stores around now where you can make and kiln ceramics for gifts, just make a cup.

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  1. Akasha says:

    I hope that you are doing well….. However, I tried to get my free ebookk from you but, I could not open the zip or ABReader which I currently have. Also Rose I would love to purchase your books etc. But I am not sure if it’s for me because I am not Wiccan but, I do spells. Can you please tell me if the books will be right for me?

  2. Ronnie Weeks says:

    Rose,The CD’s that came with your Witchcraft Acadmey in a box set don’t work,you can get a picture but no sound after you read the text. Can I exchange the CD’s?

  3. Julie says:

    Were to geat witchcraft and I mean the beast of the beast please and I really belief and I knead voodoo and I really heat people telling me what. To do and I need magic and Blake magic and I already want to make hexs.and curses to people and thing for good sometimes.please were can I geat witchcraft answer me know

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