Where is the best place to find spiritual spells?

where is the best place to find spiritual spells?

One of the best places on web for information about religion is a site called sacred-texts.com. This site has information on eery major religion and a lot of minor ones. It has links to texts and translations of prayers, spells and much more. It is one of my favorites.

Another web site that you may find helpful, but which does not contain spells is a Canadian website called religioustolerance.org. The site has spiritual discussions including how to be a Wiccan and Christian at the same time and other philosophical debates. It promotes tolerance of all.

If you want to look for spells the old-fashioed way, look to just about anything published by Llewellyn. This company is dedicated to new age, pagan and wiccan pursuits and their literature is accurate and easy to read. They have published books for the teenage witch, the beginning witch and the experienced witch.  They also publish a number of books that focus on spirituality from several different viewpoints, including a feminist viewpoint and a Christian viewpoint.

Any of these places can help you address issues of spirituality. Otherwise, I am a firm believer that established witches can easily write their own spells, calling on their personal experiences and beliefs to make the spell more in tune to them.  For deeply personal matters such as spirituality, I belive this is the best course.

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