Which Deities do we worship and why?

dear rose, im new to wicca, and i’m not sure what i can trust on the internet………which diety(ies) do weworship and why?

Merry Meet Friend, You are very correct in suspecting some of the information on the internet. Only browse sites that you trust and always have protection for your computer with programs such as anti-virus, ad-aware and Spybot that constantly watch for what comes down the pipe into your computer. Regarding deities, let us start from the beginning. The ancient people in this world were very smart and aware. They knew that everthing in this world including us have the same Divine energy flowing through. The Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets and other celestial beings all were made by the same type of energy that runs through our veins. We are not just our physical bodies; We are spirits here on Earth to experience a physical experience. That means we are actually powerful spirits who can create and destroy whatever we choose to. By thinking good thoughts, we create positive things or good luck and by worrying or using our negative thought process, we create negativity or bad luck. Now that we have our basics covered, think of all the humans, animals and all living beings in this world. Most of them move, eat, talk, and do things. In effect, they Create! Each thing, even an amoeba, one of the smallest living things can create and destroy all by itself! So imagine what a human being with its millions of cells and large brain can do! Although we are individuals, there is a common thread of energy that passes through us. If we close our eyes and mediate, we become one with that energy and we can harness that energy to create anything on this Earth (or on other realms if we are really psychically powerful!) Calling a Deity or an Element of Energy is a way of harnessing this natural energy to be one with our own energy system. These deities come in many flavors and colors. In the religion of Wicca, which originated in the Celtic clans and people of the British Isles, the main deities are The Goddess, the Horned God, Brigid, Diana, Great Mother, etc. In other types of Witchcraft which originated in Africa, Asia and the Americas, the deities may include Ra, Isis, Osiris, Shiva, KaLi, Saraswati, Sedna, Igaluk, Father Sky, Mother Earth, Mother Corn, Tirawa, Wakan Tanka, etc. Before you invite any of the deities, take some time to learn more about them and what they are usually use their powers for. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings.

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