Which sites can one visit to find free, reliable Wiccan Spells?

Discuss the different websites that offer free spells, and what you need to look out for when finding a site that you can trust. Talk about how there are lots of “scam” sites offering random spells that are not useful…list and review 3 trusted websites where people can get spells.

The internet changed life in many different ways. For one, it has placed information at our finger tips – information that would otherwise not be easily accessible or even accessible at all.  Let us take the topic of Wiccan Spells for example. Before the internet, it would have been nothing short of a miracle if you could lay your hands on 100 free spells in a year written by somebody other than you. On the internet, you can achieve this in an hour – no sweat.

There are unfortunately a couple of pitfalls when using the internet as a resource to find free spells. And I am writing this particular review from the perspective of a Witch who takes the Wiccan Rede seriously.

  • The first pitfall is sheer volume. When searching for Wicca Free Spells, the search produces around 621,000 results. One can refine the search to find more specific spells by using a term such as Employment, but even then 122,000 remain which is still way too many to handle.
  • The second pitfall is Christian sites. These specific sites use Wiccan terms in their content which act like bait. When you click on the link for free spells, you are bombarded by the error of your ways. Even the site names are misrepresentative and occult sounding. When I got caught for the third time I started wondering whether false advertising did not apply to these sites at all. There are no free spells on those sites. Trust me – I looked.
  • The third pitfall is the undercover sales site. They might say Free Spells in the subject line, but when you click on the link, it does not work. The rest of the site is dedicated to all types of spells – at a price off course. These can cost anything from US$10 to US$100. And there is no such thing as a returns policy in most cases because it is sold “for entertainment purposes only and with no responsibility for the effectiveness of the spell bought and so forth”. Hence – no recourse for fake spells!
  • The fourth pitfall is Grey Magick Sites. Most of the sites nowadays offer both Black and White Magick. Quite frankly – I’d stay away. Would you trust someone renowned for maltreating animals to look after your much loved cat? I thought not.

All is not lost though. There are also some GENUINE sites out there that advertise free white magick spells and actually offer free white magick spells. Here are some of them:



This site offers free spells, free incantations, free invocations, free recipes and free just-about-anything. Unusual for a site that is called Witchstore.net, now isn’t it? The freebies are categorized to make it easy for a visitor to the site to find exactly what they are looking for. A glance through some of the spells offered also showed that they were plausible and correct in terms of correspondences and so forth.

In addition to the Free Spells, Witchstore.net offers quite a lot of useful information to visitors, ranging from Witchcraft Information to Astrology to the Salem Witch Trials. Well worth the visit and if you like, the stay.

My Wiccan Spells


If you need spells – and a lot of it – then this is possibly the site that will do just fine. Devoid of fancy graphics, frills, animation, music and general information, My Wiccan Spells focuses on providing free spells and free spells only. A short to-the-point section on Days for Magick and Herbs & Incense are the only non-spell bits.

Thanks to Juniper, you will find free spells in the following categories when you go there:

  • Candle Magic
  • Relationship and Love spells
  • Relationship and Love spells 2
  • Relationship and Love spells 3
  • Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells
  • Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 2
  • Beauty, Happiness and Wealth spells 3
  • Other spells
  • Other spells 2

The only requirement is that the visitor only uses what he or she needs and that the spells are not reproduced elsewhere on the internet. Not too much to ask at all because real witches do not plagiarize (steal).  A site I am prepared to warrant you will visit from time to time in search of an appropriate, well crafted spell.

Everything under the Moon


Everything under the Moon is exactly what it says! There is a full section on Witchcraft Spells and a full section on Love Spells – both free and both extensive! When I first visited the site, I nearly immediately left as the heading Black Magick caught my eye. I fortunately realized just in time that Google advertises on the site with Adwords and that these well concealed headings were not part of the site at all. This is an understandable arrangement with Google as Everything under the Moon does not have an e-store or anything else they can use to generate the necessary funds to maintain the high quality of their site.  In addition to oodles of free spells, the site offers extensive information on everything pagan.

Here are some of the Spell Categories:

  • Wish Spells
  • Beauty Spells and Glamour Spells
  • Uncrossing Spells (Remove a Curse)
  • Purification, Protection and Banishing Spells
  • Blessings
  • Weight Loss Spells
  • Love and Relationship Spells

There are many well crafted and appropriate spells under each of these categories. This is a wonderful site, well worth book marking for a repeat visit … or two … or three.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Linda says:

    I am a solitaire eclectic. I was raised in the craft. I have visited a few covens in my life and found that I am a loner.
    Recently my life changed. I met and married the “perfect man”. A year later I lost my job, still looking for work after 6 months. He recently lost his job. He had a good interview Thursday, expecting to start the new job next week. Then today, he backed into my car with his truck, not much damage, but when he turned around to look at my car, he slipped on the ice and hurt his back. I gave him a chamamile and lavendar massage and put him to bed. His pain has eased some, so hopefully he will be able to start his new job. It seems like all of this is testing me, I do sometimes feel that a curse has been put on us. I have cleansed everything on my altar, charged my crystals and did a protection spell. Either it didn’t work or something is missing. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hilary says:

    bestwiccanspells is a scam site operated by a so-called Arabella Jolie. She claims to offer “3 free spells”, then directs you straight to the checkout, saying that she will reveal her secrets to you for 97 bucks. You may want to look into it and delete her from the list of reliable spell sites.

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