Which spell can be used to protect yourself from someone else’s jealousy and spite?

Dear Rose,
I am an athlete and there is a woman that I train with on a daily basis. The trainer is my boyfriend. This woman has been oogling him since before I even met him and now that we have been dating for the past two years she is always trying to show her affection for him and convince him that she deserves a chance with him. When I came to learn this I approched her and requested that she stop. I was respectful and humble in my request, and I also made it clear thatI was standing my ground. She has taken much offence to my action and she is denying all of her attempts. Now she is going to the lengths of calling me on a regular basis with sarcastic and rude comments or leaving me text messages on my phone with warnings. She has made training a very hostile and aggresive an my nerves are always tied up. I feel sick to my stomach before training every day, and it’s also making things difficult in my relationship. The stress is starting to effct me in many ways. I try to meditate on making myself stronger and ignoring her ways but she is being hurtful and vengful now. How can I make her go away? How can I make her stop? How can I nullify her negativity. Should I just do the “protection from enemies” spell that I found on your site?

Thanking you in advance for your gracious help.

Best Regards,

Merry Meet, Jessie!

My, the lady in question sounds persistently vindictive and shows no signs of letting up! Her harassment of you is clearly causing you a large amount of strain. The spell for “protection against enemies” on my site is a very good spell indeed. However, I think that you need a slightly different spell, given the current situation. The spell I am offering is like a ‘psychic restraining order’ and should bind her effectively. The spell was written by Silver Ravenwolf and I have used it before with great success.

Binding Spell: Psychic Restraining Order

(Remember to cast a circle before doing the spell)


Fourth Quarter Moon


  • 7” length of pipe
  • 2 Caps to fit over the two ends of the pipe
  • Paper
  • White Candle
  • Black Candle
  • A Nail
  • Coffee Grounds (7 teaspoons)
  • A Fresh Egg

A picture of the woman who is harassing you. If you do not have one her full name on a piece of paper will do just fine.


After casting the circle, cleanse and consecrate all the items you will be using and charge them with your intent to bind the negativity projected towards you by this person. Place the items on your altar.

Light the black candle, asking Spirit to banish all negativity from your life.

Light the white candle, asking spirit to bring peace and harmony to your life.

Seal one end of the pipe. Put the picture (or the full name paper) of the woman into the pipe, saying:

“You have begun your descent.”

Pour the coffee grounds on top. Say:

“The darkness you have created is bound to you.

I do not own your darkness.

You own your darkness.

You may no longer share this darkness with me or others.”

Place the egg on top. Say:

“As this egg rots, so shall your negative energy be destroyed, and your evil shall be banished. The process begins now!”

Stick the nail into the egg, saying:

“This spell is sealed!”

Cap the pipe.

Carefully seal with wax from the black candle.

Bury off your property, preferably close to a crossroads.

This spell will bind this woman, without causing harm to her and subsequently without causing harm to you.

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

10 Responses to “Which spell can be used to protect yourself from someone else’s jealousy and spite?”

  1. Carrie says:

    Can you get rid of a hex on me? Or perform at protection spell?

  2. Carrie says:

    Can you get rid of a hex on me? Or perform a protection spell?

  3. marie says:

    i have been reading your page and came accross a spell that involved coffe a picture of the offender coffee an egg etc… im afraid to do this and do it wrong… is there a way to do this insuring no harm to either of us, i would hate to screw it up.. is there anything else i can d that des not involve pipes if certain dimennsion etc?

  4. Lauren says:

    Please help me 20 or so years ago someone i knew said she was going to do a black magic spell to hurt me and ever since i met my husband my whole life has gone d wrong every thing we have tried to do together has gone wrong and any attemps from me to be succesful and earn a living in what i Am good at has ended with total wind ups i get a break i think and then it turns to be another wind up i feel i have lost my whole life because of this sick woman who has destroyed any luck i may have had i Am nearly 52 and i Am now childless no money or home and all my hope is gone can you help me get back some of the luck that should have been mine i live in fear every day and want my life to end its so painfull

  5. Kalib says:

    Hey Rose…..
    u use to e-mail me on a daily basis but life has become so hectic for me i couldnt keep up!!
    I would aporeciate it if u would put me back on ur email list as ive been receiving e mails from u for almost 10 month’s….
    I really need ur help regarding a very tricky situation i find myself in and i have reason to belive that there’s a sertain elemental castor who has deep roots with dark wichcraft and people who posses a great deal of dark magic knowledge amd expiernce who might be practising alot of spell casting aimed at me…..i need ur help and insight because as much as i would like to avoid contact with this person its nearly impossable as this is my girlfriends sister and she’s the very self centered and wanting tipe and wil go to great lengths to reach her goals….
    Ive been experienceing nightmares,i still cant get a job and my girlsfriend cant pass exams since her sister failed hers…..weve been fighting,everytings becoming complicated !!!
    I need to knw more like how to find out whos responsable for all this and if there’s some kimd of binding spell to bind them from doing harm to anyone…..vengeance isnt my way,i jst want to stop them from having the ability to ruin people’s lives so the people can live life for themselves without them making it more difficult….and also a way for us to rid ourselves of spells casted over us and protect us from any futher harm!!!
    Thank u for always listening and helping!!
    Thanking u

  6. kristy priestly says:

    im having trouble with 2 girls one is a jealous person and lies about anything to make herself look better. Shes sly and untrust worthy and her energy affects me.

    The other lives next door and is always calling me because shes bored and is always in everyones business. i want her to butt out of my life and get a life of her own.

    Please help me im going crazy!!!!


  7. jessica says:

    hi rose.
    im nearly 9 months pregnant, my ex-partner left me for an older woman in my 5 month…he was violent to me and a liar the situation got very messy. but now im hearing bad things being said about me and my unborn. this new woman seems to have an issue with me and also her friends, which they post nasty stuff on a social networkin site, i hav deactivated my account so as not to retailate..i just want to move on with my life but my ex is tellin lies and causing me a lot of stress…please can u help me to end the negativity i would love to wake up and this situation not to be the first thing on my mind…i just want the hate to stop and my ex to stop playing victim to make himself look good..please can u help


  8. Nadin Ghazy says:

    Dear Rose,
    I really Need your help, My Husband and I Live in Africa, Congo to be exact , we work here , we discovered that the GM;(who is Belgium with a congo Passport); or if you can call him that since all he did was steal money from the company, to get to the point, in africa you know how they work with Black magic and we discovered he did some on My husband and the rest of his colleagues and protecting himself because of his stealing Money, anyway I tried Many Protection spells nothing seems to be working, and My Husband (Bless Him) and his Colleagues at work keep getting sick all the time, Please Help I don’t know what to do and we discovered there was blood sacrifice too in a ritual he did to protect himself and hurt others. We where told this by one of the workers he laid off but he didn’t give us that much details on what he did exactly. What Can I do?

  9. Brenda says:

    Ok, so im kind of new at this but i was wondering if you can help me out, my dads sister has always hated my mom we know for a fact that she has done witchcraft to her in the past. I dont want to do anything back to her i just want to protect my mom from negative energies surrounding her im not sure if its still my dads sister or another person who hates my mom a lot how can i know who is doing this? My mom has memory loss, she has trouble with her toe nails, sometimes she gets attacks where her eyes roll and she starts saying werid stuff, she stop getting her period because they operated her and my dad really doesnt have interest in doing sexual things with her. She feels itchy down in the vagina and she has a lot of problems down there. We have gone to the doctor but we get no answers how can i make these things go away for her or anyone who has negative vibes vanish please help, Brenda

  10. Roy Lane says:

    I suggest you just need a powerfull protection spell carry blue berries with you enemies trying to interfere with your love life it will do either 2 things it will make her stay away from him or he want come around it worked for me i saw results

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