Which Witchcraft book should I follow?

There are too many books how do I know which is the right book I want?

You are right�.there are many books! Choosing the right Wicca or witchcraft
manual is sometimes hard given the choices out there. There are many good books
to choose from and a lot of junk out there too, unfortunately.

The first step in deciding your book choice is to pick what aspect of Wicca
you would most like to learn. If you are a beginner to the craft, you will want
to look for a basic book. There are several good volumes (including my own e-book).
Following are some of my favorites.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham is a good
intro to Wicca and perfect for anyone who wants to practice alone (not with
a coven). Cunningham is a respected Wicca writer and this is the first book
read by many on this path.

Starhawk�s Spiral Dance is very Goddess focused and a bit feminist but
very beautifully written and inspired. Each chapter in this book has examples
of rituals that you can do while you learn each principle of Wicca.

Buckland�s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland is an essential
reference tool and good all around book on the craft. It is the closest thing
in book form to taking a class on Wicca. It includes quizzes and exercises throughout.

In the Circle: Crafting the Witches� Path by Elen Hawke is a relatively
new book. However, it is full of excellent information. The author draws on
her own experience in her coven and personal life. There is a good blend of
practical information and spiritual theory, which can help deepen the understanding
of Wiccan practice.

True Magick: A Beginner�s Guide by Marian Green is a good read for those
who are looking for solitary practice. It doesn�t have a lot of rituals
or reference material but instead focuses on the spiritual side of magick.

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