Who or what is the Green Man?

Rose, I was on another site and they mentioned ‘the Green Man’ who and what is the green man? I know that he is supposed to bring you prosperity, but I am somewhat new to this. I know I have something within me that is trying to get out. My grandmother who was of native american blood, was born with a veil over her eyes and she had the gift of sight. I knew during each pregnancy exactly what I was having before the doctor told me. I could think about someone and they would call or show up. I get feelings or dreams but I just can’t seem develop them. I am now trying to get back what I seem to have lost. How do I know what my magickal connection is? Thank you

Merry Meet Seeker, I am glad you asked this question. Many of us have heard of the Green revolution, the Green Beret, Green Peace, Green Peas, etc, but what about the Green Man? If you are a visitor to old museums and castles, you may have seen the green man. The Green man is a sculpture, drawing or statue of a face which may be decorated or covered with leaves and natural things. This face represents the “soul” or spirit of nature. In ancient times, when people showed up on Earth and started to find things that were edible, they were impressed with nature and its ability to nourish us. During winter-time however, they found it difficult to survive without the natural resources that nature provided. So the early settlers had great respect for natural herbs, trees and flowers and create a “spirit” to represent them. When people fell sick, herbs were used to cure them of unknown diseases and symptoms and this also added to the deep respect for nature. It is only in recent times that we have abused nature without regard to its preservation or threat of extinction. As we can see, the green man is a mythological character who was associated with Nature and its blessings. Similar to the concept of “Mother Nature”, the green man is a symbol of “Father Nature”, who stands for rebirth and renewal of life every spring. There are many variations of Green man art. Sometimes we see a face with leaves coming out of the mouth or eyes while at other times, foliage may come out of all the green man’s face, including mouth, ears, nose, eyes, etc. If you would like to see the variations of the Green Man theme, check out the following webpage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Man As for your magickal connection, it is best to learn to meditate and focus your thoughts so that they can impact the Universe in a forceful way. Never doubt your powers and always be the force behind your intentions so that Nature will know without doubt what it is that you wish for. You have the power and all you need is to practice it. Help others; that should be your primary goal if you wish to practice Magick. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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