Why am I experiencing so much bad luck?

Since the middle of November/08 I have been rejected,disappointed and stressed with money and job offers. It seems every place i’ve applied have said no, or no call back.I have never been rejected by one person after the other this long. never had bad luck this long.I can’t figure it out?

It is unfortunate that you have had so much rejection and disappointment for a while now. Everyone says that life has its ups and downs, but most of us wonder about it only when we have a down period. Think of our life as a whole and we may be able to remember the times when life was so difficult we didn’t have any hope. And yet, in a matter or months or a couple of years, our life seemed to take a different direction and again, take us through exciting and adventurous experiences. This time may seem very difficult for you, but remember that happiness is just around the corner. One way to prolong bad luck is to expect failure every time we try something new. Your thoughts and choices make your present conditions, your future and your life. So change your thoughts the minute you find them veering in the negative direction. As soon as you start to worry, think of a future where you have a wonderful job, good co-workers, an easy commute, enjoyable workdays etc. The more deeply you visualize about your future, the more purposefully it will take place. Actually, if you sit in meditation and clearly and succinctly imagine your happiness, you have already created your future, all you need to do is see it in YOUR reality. This just means that all of us are capable of creating whatever it is that we require in life. Try to do this ritual every morning. Look through the newspapers and circle the jobs you would like to have. Be specific. Choose one of the jobs that you would Really LOVE to do. Now take a nice long bath and sit in a private room. Close your eyes (burn incense or a candle if you wish) and take yourself away to that place in your mind where no one else can enter. See yourself going to work at that job. See your co-workers smiling at you, working with you, having meetings with you and going to lunch with you. As you visualize your job strongly and intentionally, you will see success come your way very soon! Always be positive! Find a way to smile everyday. Good luck is coming your way. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Beth says:

    My great grandfather broke all ties with the Roman Catholic Church by Swearing and cursing at the priest who refused to marry him to thehalf Dutch half American Indian that he loved. Could this be the reason that my family has always had such bad luck?
    If so is there a way to break this cycle without becoming a Roman Catholic myself?

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