Why am I shunned from a community even if I use black magick only for rituals?

why is it that black magick is so shunned in a community even if everyone knowss that i know both black and white magick, i really never use my magick to do anythingbut rituals?

Greetings! It is wonderful that you have made the decision never to use black magick to do anything but rituals. The very mention of Black Magick conjures up visions of illness, evil and death. For many centuries, annexation by European countries meant the desecration of the very ideals that meant everything to the cultures, their beliefs. The disrespectful and contemptuous treatment of these gentle pagan religions still continue through books, religious bias and heresay. Voodoo conjures up images of evil dolls that control innocent human beings from afar. Understandably, the ignorance and fear of the conquerors ended up defaming the same beliefs that would have saved their spirits. Black Magick reminds people of these stories told for centuries by people in power. Even if we do not practice it, the entire background of this practice is a terrifying, scary one that keeps most people cowering in fear. Its best to not let anyone know that you know black magick. And if you use in in rituals, you will certainly hear from nature. This “exclusion” from society may be a delayed result of any ritual you did earlier in life that created chaos or similar negative consequences. A community is made up of several types of people. Some are strong in their beliefs and some are depending on priests or other middle men to tell them how to think, how to act and how to believe. So it is common to get stamped with labels that don’t really belong to us. The only way you can change this is to continue behaving in a way that proves to others that you mean well. Brightest Blessings!

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