Why can’t I conceive?

Hi! I have been trying to conceive a child for a year and a half. I am not sure what has been going on or why we can conceive. I was just wondering if I am not fertile or if I am when I will conceive. Please help! Looking forward to your answer. birthday: 01/27. blessed be.

Merry Meet! Its wonderful to know that you are at a point in life where you are longing for a baby to come and join your family. There may be many reasons why you are not conceiving. Always be positive and KNOW that you will have a child soon. The more positive you are, the easier it is to see your baby in your life. First, do not be sad when you see friends or family get kids. Learn to be happy for others in their joy. Only when we love without any expectation do we invite more love into our life. You may offer to babysit, volunteer at a school or visit the sick babies in a hospital ward. Loving all babies will make them bring more joy into your life in more ways than one. You can also help with any other living beings, like the sick and elderly at a retirement home or hospital or at a pound where stray dogs and cats are held. The love and blessings you get from sick people or stray animals are more than enough to give you what you dearly wish to have in your life. See how it works? Since it has been a year and a half, it may be a good idea to go for a full checkup. You and your husband can see a fertility specialist in your area and check out your hormonal levels, egg maturation, sperm quality, etc. These are very important to know because small changes in your lifestyle such as losing weight, eating less sugar, taking herbal medicines when you get sick, etc can build up to making your fertility thrive. Some our our habits such as eating junk food, smoking, drinking excess alcohol, working in areas with dangerous fumes, etc can easily reduce our fertility. Read up on the internet on why infertility is increasing in the world. You and your partner will have to make physical and mental changes before your body will harbour a beautiful new baby. Eat more fertility inducing magickal foods such as bananas, carrots, cucumber, figs, grapes, mustard, nuts, olives, dates, peaches, pomegranate, sunflower and rice. Above all, always visualize your future with children and think positively about how your family will grow larger and happier every year. Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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