Why can’t my affair continue?

Well I have been emotionally disconnected from my marriage for awhile. I stay in it for the children. Of course the wrong thing to do was to have an affair but I did and after 5 months my lover decided he couldnt do it anymore even though we both love each other. He said he loves me but I think the guilt is bothering him. I feel crushed, almost dead. I want to still see him. He said under different circumstances he would never, ever let me go. He feels exactly the same for me as when he met me. My life feels bleak without him. My hands are tied, I cant divorce right now. Maybe one day, 2 yrs?. I want a spell to bring him back to me, not to force him. But for him to see and go with the feelings he has in his heart already. I know he still wants to be with me. This is so painful I cannot take it. I should mention that Ive known him for 2-3 yrs prior. Its just that suddenly a spark was ignited between us. Passion, friendship, love is what we have. Why cant it continue?

Merry Meet Seeker, I can see that you are going through a rough time in your life. You are married and have children but you fell for another man and had an affair with him. I hope you can see what is happening here. Marriage is a sacred contract and children are very precious indeed. Although most of us fall in and out of love all the time, marrying someone means that we promise to love each other and take care of the children borne out of that love. Of course many people fall out of love with their spouses too. As human beings we are free entities and do not need worldly ties to keep us bound. However, marriage is not just a reason to have a fancy wedding. It means that you will try everything in your power to jointly and responsibly raise your children and love your children and take care of them from infancy to adulthood. You did not stand up to your promises. As most of us know, we have to make amends when we do something wrong. Falling in love is NEVER wrong, but hurting those who love us is plain wrong. The Universe does not condone this type of behavior especially when young children are involved. Taking care of the children you created is your first priority. The mature way to move forward is to work with a counselor to decide if your marriage can be saved. If that is not possible, try to get an annulment and then take care of your children. Make sure that your husband and you will give them unconditional love always. When you make amends and slowly heal the hurt that you have caused others, your life will blossom too. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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