Why do I get this feeling?

I have a question based on a feeling. Since I first watched a program on wicca on the National Geographic when I was about thirteen, I started getting this feeling in my stomach. It’s sort fo like butteryflys but is not incomfortable. When I read about anything wicca related,from the God and Goddess to spells and even color signifigance, I get this feeling. It makes me want to do these things I read about. when I go outside the feeling appears when I sit on the ground or am otherwise close to the earth. Do you have an idea why this happens or what it means?

Merry Meet! What you have described is an indication of the depth of your spiritualiy. Some people come into this Earth more connected to the Universe than others. Every human being has incarnated on Earth for a specific purpose. They may want to go through any number of experiences and feelings in this life. Some people have to forgo spirituality to understand the depth of evil that human beings can sink to. Hence these feelings may be masked for a while so that this person can really experience their desires in life. Others are more in touch with their spirituality so that they can experience uplifting and inspiring incidents such as the ones you have mentioned. Everything we see or hear around us daily is intended to move us forward in the direction of our life’s purpose. If we see an accident and feel the depth of emotion of the human beings in the vehicle, that was one of the goals we had added to our list for this life. Anytime we go through an emotional or heart-wrenching experience, we can strike off one more goal from our list. To understand how the Universe works and to live life accordingly is the highest of all goals. The Wiccan way of life is one of the best ways in which we can life an inspiring life by preserving and cherishing rather than destroying life. When you watched the program on Wicca, you got the signal to do the things that you read about. Your spirit is coercing you to move in the direction of spirituality where nature plays a HUGE part. The Earth, Sky, water, fire, air, etc will move you in ways you have never expected. Enjoy the feelings and know that you are moving towards awareness and enlightenment. This is the path to fulfillment in your life. This is what you came for. Enjoy it! Blessed Be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Marina says:

    How can I contact or make the person see me or feel me that I there with him or even hear my voice.

    Can you teach me how, please



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  3. m_shiny says:

    i met a guy in stupid chat room before… we however shared our numbers… he was completely opposite to me.. our backgrounds were also different.. but i got the weirdest feeling at the first time by seeing his username that i know him.. we became close in no time.. he used to call me daily.. it was too ease to speak to him n i used to feel so complete, whenever i speak to him i never used to care abt the happenings around… we do used to fight because i am high tempered person.. n whenever he used to tease i used to get angry…. v got apart however… but still i couldn’t forget him.. it was never happened like this before.. at first whn he asked that he ll marry me.. i rejected him.. but now feeling like i ve missed someone who was always mine… dont know y i am getting this feeling…??? is he my soulmate..??? please reply..

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