Why do I have bad luck?

a few months ago, i had the best luck.. i would win a few hundred on scratch tickets, never get caught speeding, ect.. ever since the middle of october, i have been getting the worst luck, and they are mostly things that i didnt do, but i participated with someone.. example: accomplice to shoplifting (when i didnt know the person was stealing), 2 car accidents ( one was my fault and i broke a mirror and the second wasnt my fault), Ipod stolen out of my work locker, car truck searched threw for a cd changer.. i have many examples… but i dont understand what gave me this bad luck.. could it be the moons out of place? or what should i do to change my luck around? i tryed thinking positive, but everytime i do, something else bad happens..

Merry Meet. I am happy to hear that you experienced the best of luck a few months ago. So that means you did something right with the Universe and you received a lot of blessings. When we have good luck, we have to remember to store up some of it in a bank account. How do we do that? By helping others who are out of luck! Just as in a regular bank account, we need to build up our luck and good deeds bank account whenever we can. Only then will be be able to get through the ‘down” times in our life. One thing we should NEVER, NEVER do is to believe we are unlucky. Anyone who has read about Witchcraft knows that our thoughts create our future. If you think you are unlucky, sure enough, you will be unlucky. If you think positively and expect good luck to meet you as you turn the corner, then sure enough, good luck will be there! At this point, think back of what you did with all the luck you received. Did you help anyone? Did you share your wealth and good times with those who did not have much? Of course astrology does have an impact on our daily lives, but our good tidings bank account can help us get through most of our troubles if we live right. How about starting a new goodwill bankaccount TODAY? Go out and help someone. Offer to help an old person cross the road. Offer to petsit or babysit your neighbor for free and do a good job while you are at it. Offer to make a meal for your neighbor or serve the homeless a meal at the poor home. Remember, money is not the only thing that we can build up. Always think of the future when you luck is up and do as much as you can to help others regardless of which direction (you think) your luck is going. Also keep your thoughts positive at all times. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Jen says:

    Hi Rose,

    I need your expertise advice. All my life nothing turn out right for me. Depressed with doing
    a job in the banking industry for 28 years which i hated but i was into it because my mother
    wanted me to hv a job that pays better to help support family. Meet bad co-workers and Supervisor who take advantage of me and make working life hell. I was very depressed and made the biggest mistake in my life going for retail therapy but i was still not able to feel happy. I hv seen resigned from my job for 2 years ,now a job that is more suitable for me
    but am my boss is migrating so am going to be jobless soon and also due to my retail therapy am into financial debts.

    Rose, i want to start my life anew! Without good qualification i can only get job in the low income group, i just dont know how to solve my financial issues? with the amount i earn it is going to take me more then 10 years to pay and am already 50 years old, getting another job is hard with my age now. I realised i love to be surrounded by animals especially dogs and i would love to hv a job in this area and that will be the shelters but they only look for volunteers and animal hospitals need a degree which i do not have.

    Am learning to build website in the dog niche area, hoping to be successful as my vision is to help the strays, to be financally able so that i hv the means to build shelter, provide them a roof to protect them from the elements and they don’t hv to worry when will they hv their next meal.

    Thank you for taking the time to read. Any advice? Am feeling lost and confuse.

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