hello,my question is why do most people preforming witch craft use there gifts for a price ? me i would give help to any one who has a true reason for wanting it.another question is:why is the witches or other people giving help for free only give help to people over 18 dont they know us younger kids want help too?Me im a begginner to magic i dont know much but i wish someone could help me with my problems. well thank you for hearing me out. tara

Thanks for asking these questions, Tara!  Let’s look at both of your questions separately.

First off, I’m sure many people think the same way you do:  why charge money for spells or information?  Well, how about we turn this question around.  What if, instead of witchcraft, we were talking about a doctor?  The doctor has spent many years going to school, learning all the ins and outs of the human body.  If s/he is a specialist in some single area of the body, then there are even more years of learning involved.  Once s/he has graduated from medical school (and intensive training, if s/he has chosen that path), the doctor is offering to patients all the years of learning, training and experience.  Now, if the physician was walking down the street and witnessed a terrible accident, I am quite positive that s/he would take appropriate action to help any person involved, regardless of their ability to pay.  However, that same doctor will charge a well-deserved fee when consulted in the office.  Why? 

The doctor charges that fee because of the years of training, learning, experience, and knowledge that were gained before the patient even entered the office.  Who would you rather have treat you, if you were suffering from a severe health problem:  a casual person off the street who tells you, “Hey, I look up medical stuff on the Internet all the time!  Here, let me help!” or a certified physician, trained in your particular malady? 

There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for.”  In a perfect world, nothing would cost anything.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this world is far from perfect.  Why would you deny Practitioners of Witchcraft a small livelihood from their spells?  Their knowledge did not come overnight anymore than the doctor’s knowledge did.  It was earned one step at a time, one spell at a time.  Furthermore, all of the Practitioners that I know personally charge a very small amount for assisting people.  None of them are out to get rich, but rather merely wish make a small living.  Also, folks tend to take more seriously those things which they have to pay to get.  Which do you treasure more:  something handed to you, or something for which you have had to save to earn?

Now, on to your second question.  It is not that Witches/Wiccans do not WANT to help young people, or don’t care about their problems.  I’m very sorry you interpreted it that way!  The thing is, the law says that you’re a minor until you turn 18 years old.  At that time, the law considers you to be an adult, and able to make your own decisions.  Until that point, you are subject to your parents’ rules, and they are responsible for helping you make your decisions.  You will rarely find a Practitioner of the Craft who will take a student under the age of 18.  When they do, that person is usually from a family of Wiccans, and the parent/s have given their approval for the tutoring. 

My suggestion to you is that, if you have issues, questions, or problems, you take them to the folks who love you the most in the world:  your parents.  You may be surprised at their willingness to listen.  If you feel that your parents will not understand (a common feeling, unfortunately) then try a trusted school counselor. 

Best wishes to you; I hope this helped.




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