Why do spells fail to work?

omgg please help me i really wan to be a witch but i cant i tried 2 spells already what can i do to become a wicca

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful to know that you would really love to be a Wiccan practitioner. Expert witches know that spells are succesful only when all the conditions surrounding it is perfect. The first condition for a spell to work is that you have no negative thoughts about it. You have to really believe that the spell has already worked!. And you have to act like it is already happening in your life. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, they cannot just eat everything on sight and then do spell to reduce their weight. It won’t work because you are not helping the Universe understand what it is that you want. If you want to lose weight, assume you have already lost weight and eat less for that figure or weight amount. Only when you seriously believe that your wish will come true, and change your surroundings to suit the new YOU, will a spell work. There are also other reasons why your spell may not work. Since your powers depend on how much positive energy you have and how forcefully you can push your intentions across the Cosmos, it is very important that you have a positive life. Helping others, abstaining from too much food, alcohol and other drugs will keep you in good condition as long as the Universe in concerned. You start the flow of good energy into your life by putting in good energy out. If you are a miserly person who rarely helps others, puts people down, argues and gets angry with others for their mistakes, fights with your neighbors, doesn’t do your share of the work, etc., the Universe may not be able to give you happiness since you haven’t done your part of the work which keeps the goodwill going around. Another reason why spells may not work is that they are worked in places where negative energy exists. Inside a building, near a construction site or garbage status=”” onresize=”[object]” onmessage=”[object]” parent=”[object]” onhashchange=”[object]” defaultStatus=”” name=”” history=”[object]” maxConnectionsPerServer=6 opener=”[undefined]” location=”[object]” screenLeft=35 document=”[object]” onbeforeprint=”[object]” screenTop=171 clientInformation=”[object]” onerror=”[object]” onfocus=”[object]” event=”[object]” onload=”[object]” onblur=”[object]” window=”[object]” closed=false screen=”[object]” onscroll=”[object]” length=2 frameElement=”[object]” self=”[object]” onunload=”[object]” onafterprint=”[object]” navigator=”[object]” frames=”[object]” sessionStorage=”[object]” top=”[object]” clipboardData=”[object]” external=”[object]” onhelp=”[object]” offscreenBuffering=”auto” localStorage=”[object]” onbeforeunload=”[object]” oDCfauxCSS=”[object]” iMinWordCount=”225″ iWordCount=398 bSkipExport=false o=”[object]” oSpinners=”[object]” oSpinnersTime=”[object]” oW3c=”[object]” oDebug=”[object]” oErrors=”[object]” oRequests=”[object]” oXMLsubjects=”[object]” oSearchPanel=”[object]” oSearchForm=”[object]” oSearchTableDIV=”[object]” oSearchFor=”[object]” oSearchSubject=”[object]” oSearchType=”[object]” oExcluding=”[object]” oSearchAnswerField=”[object]” oSearchQuestionField=”[object]” oAccountSummery=”[object]” oASQuser_name=”[object]” oASQuser_total_answered=”[object]” oASQuser_answers_paid=”[object]” oASQuser_earning_answer=”[object]” oASQtotal_due=”[object]” oBrowsePosition=”[object]” oWYSIWYGquestion=”[object]” oQuestionTitle=”[object]” oDCrich_QuestionTextDisplay00=”[object]” oQuestionTextDisplay=”[object]” oWYSIWYGeditor=”[object]” oEditorPosition=”[object]” oDCrich_textEditor11=”[object]” oTextEditor=”[object]” oWYSIWYGform=”[object]” oWYSIWYGcommand=”[object]” oSave=”[object]” oCancel=”[object]” oCheckout=”[object]” oDelete=”[object]” oEdit_id=”[object]” oEdit_content=”[object]” oQUERYricheditLoad=”select * from question where question_id=’16627′” oJSONricheditLoad=”[object]” oXMLricheditLoad=”[object]” szQuery_Lock=”” bAlreadyAnswered=false oSpy=”[object]“, etc, it is difficult to get good and positive energy. On the other hand, a sea shore, at the top of a mountain, near a spring, etc there is a lot of good energy that will aid you in your spell working. Hope you will learn the many ways by which you can make your spells a success. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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