Why do Wiccan Practitioners wear Robes?

rose, before i ask a question…this is a qualifier, sorry but I seen and heard many people who claim knowledge so please bare with me …what are the robes for? thank you look forward to talking with you

Merry Meet Seeker. I am glad you came to this forum for answers to your question. Wicca is a religion that is rooted in the old pagan ways from the past. Starting with African witchcraft, the leaders of the tribes were usually witch doctors and chieftains who were also responsible for the well-being of their population. As leaders, they were expected to be dressed differently. You may have seen pictures of Native American chiefs in head dress and costumes decorated with feathers. Or African rituals where the leader is adorned with shells, bones, feathers, paint, etc. Sometimes the attire may have to do with the added powers of the items such as feathers and shells (or animal parts such as whale teeth, tiger’s teeth or claws of a falcon). There are many reasons why people try to distinguish themselves from others. Celtic ways of life are believed to have originated from the Druids who were wise people who came to teach the magickal ways of life to communities who were not aware of such powers. They were dressed in ceremonial robes too. So robes signify importance or exclusivity. They may also wear robes for ease of movement or for protection from weather. Many people feel more powerful when they join pagan religions. The three mainstream religions usually make people feel smaller and weaker because they take away our will power and our uniqueness.The pagan religions allow us to re-think our own capabilities and return the power into our hands. So we begin to feel different, more empowered and absolutely free to live our life the way WE wish it to be. This freedom also gives us a sense of uniqueness and allows us to express our individuality in many ways. Robes are just one expression of this newfound individuality that pagan ways of life always subscribed to. Wearing clothes with sacred pagan symbols embroidered on it, wearing jewelry that celebrates pagan religions and finding ways to express our identity are all expressions of our unique identity on this Earth. There are really no rules for solitary practitioners, but members or covens or other groups may have to follow rules regarding robes,jewelry, caps, etc. I hope this answers your question. Brightest Blessings Rose.

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    How do I know if I am a real witch?

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