Why does Wicca not work as well for some people as it does for others?

Belief is the biggest factor in Wiccan magick working for some people and not
for others. It must be remembered that Wicca is a religion, and not just a tool
to get what you want. There is a lot of power that comes with practicing this
craft, and it can be very tempting to just jump in and start casting spells to
get what you want. There is a practice and an order to it. I really encourage
anyone who is interested in Wicca to invest some time into studying what it actually
is and getting good information from this website, my blog and ebook.

Proper learning also includes preparing your tools and items for rituals and
spells very carefully. All altar tools should be consecrated with sea salt and
water, and incense before you begin using them. You should take care to consecrate
your candles with oil and bless your herbs and any other items you will be using
in practice. Preparing your body is important as well. You shouldn�t perform
any magick without first taking a ritual bath in sea salt and water (or another
form of bath crystals). This removes any negative energy from your body and
helps you focus. You should also perform a grounding and centering exercise
before you begin your work.

Finally, following the directions in spells is of utmost importance. Before
you begin a spell, you should read through it a few times to know what you will
need to have on hand and what you will need to be doing. Make sure you have
all of the items you will need and collect them before beginning. You don�t
have to memorize everything, but you should be familiar with the words so you
won�t stumble on them. The less you are reading, the more you are concentrating
your energy toward your magick.

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