Why doesn’t Karma affect my ex-husband?

My ex husband was very verbally and emotionally abusive throughout our 27 yr relationship. Everything always seems to go his way…..Why doesn’t Karma affect him?

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am glad to hear that you are not with your verbally and emotionally abusive ex-husband. Yes, at times, it may feel like the people who hurt us did not get the “punishment” that is supposedly coming to them. There are many reasons for this “error” on the part of the Universe which is considered “fair” to all.
One of the major reasons is that as an outsider, we are not privy to the terrible thoughts and experiences that the man may have had. For example, would a happy man abuse us? He was probably driven by demons in his mind that caused him to lash out at you. As a good person, you may not have understood the depths that he had gone in his life.
A person living in hell cannot understand why a human being is smiling at all times. A person in hell only knows that they are not worthy of life’s blessings such as love, caring and happiness. All they know is that they are not happy and that everyone around them do not “deserve” to be happy either. It is usually anger, jealousy, bitterness and a host of other emotions that make people behave like demons.
If you look at his background, his family, how he was raised, where he was raised, etc., you may be able to get a glimpse of what his childhood was like. Maybe he was at the receiving end of a lot of violence and rage that made him the person who he is now. People usually learn all of their behaviors when they are children and try to emulate the adults around them.
A child living amidst violence and hatred absorbs all of that and more and becomes unaware of the good and happy sitations. When he grows up, he becomes his father or grandfather and is proud of it too. Unfortunately, it will take generations to clean up and heal those wounds.
Karma is a cycle. It can be started by anyone and also completed by anyone. Each individual needs to watch their Karma “bank account” so that they will have more positive deposits than negative ones. If you try to forget your ex-spouse and not worry about why he is not getting the karma he needs, you will get more karma because of your kind and gentle thoughts about his “illness” or “bad childhood”. On the other hand, if you keep hoping that he gets hurt in some way, then you may be the recepient of bad karma.
In this way, we live a good life without worrying about other’s lives .
Brightest Blessings

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