Why don’t my spells work?

I do spells a lot….But none of them ever work!!! I do have certain problems with my parents. They think it devil worship. And have taken away everything i own having to do with magick. I dont have any candles or anything!! Not that it would have mattered, because they never work anyway!! I dont know what to do to make them work!!

You don’t mention what it is that you are trying to do with your spells, but that may be the problem. Magic is very finicky about what is acceptable and what is not.  If you are casting on other people without their knowledge or permission, than you should consider yourself lucky that the spells ahve not worked. Spells cast without someone else’s permission can come back to you three times over.

And, if you are casting selfish spells on yourself, the Lord and Lady could be offended by your selfishness. As odd as it may sound, the universe may also be telling you “No.”  For example, if you cast a love spell, seeking someone to love, the universe might be telling you that it is not time for you to find love yet.

There may also be a conflict with your parents’ beliefs. If they tell you that witchcraft is devil worship, it is often hard for you to have faith in your spells. Especially if you were raised in their faith, it is quite possible that you are not approaching witchcraft seriously, but are attempting it as a joke. In that case, the universe is not going to grant your spells. It understands that you are not faithful and therefore will not reward your mockery of the faith.

If you still live at home with your parents, you need to wait to follow a path of witchcraft until you are older and able to support yourself. It is not fair to them to bring a faith into their home that they disgree with. Wait until you can approach the faith more seriously and then your spells will work.

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