Why shouldn’t I study black magic?

hey my name is kim and ive been studying witch craft people say to me that i shouldnt study black magik why is that? love always kim….

Hi Kim–

Are the people telling you not to study black magic knowledgable about witchcraft or people who consider all magic to be black magic?

Witchcraft, traditionally, is oriented toward good. It is a tradition of wise people seeking to help others through their ties to magic. Witchcraft studies things that “normal” people don’t understand or fear. They use herbal remedies and folk knowledge to help others.

Practitioners of black magic do not have the same goals.  The believe that it is okay to pursue power for the sake of power and it is okay to hurt people along the way. Many people who practice black magic believe that magic power comes from blood and believe that it is okay to hurt or even kill other living creatures, usually animals, to pwoer their magic.

In short, black magic is evil and your friends who are warning you not to study it are trying to keep you from doing something you may later regret. The problem, of course, is that black magic rewards its followers faster than white or even grey magic and therefore, it is very attractive.

Black magic is a quick route to power, but there is nothing good or nice about it. Black magic has no desire to help others or make the world a better place. Instead, it is all about self.

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5 Responses to “Why shouldn’t I study black magic?”

  1. malaki says:

    um hi its malaki again im just wondering if blck magick is dangerous and evil i want to be evil like the winx club witches thats all i dont want to die and also are there any hot evil guys like darkard in season 2 in winxclub?? hehe xoxo malaki i dont want to die and my mum wont let me do black magick but ive been waiting for somthing like this to happen…

  2. Tanaka says:

    listen black magik is like messing with fire you are goting to get hurt without professtioal studys in it start with white magic but one i will say is that once you start you can’t stop it is a quick and dangrous route to power and can turn you in to a bad person. and also what goes around comes around you send evil pretty soon it will come back to you too.

  3. ahmed says:

    ilove black magic and ineed study

  4. Isaac says:

    haha Black magic you say. I can curse you in a heart beat i can rule people around me i can even destroy someone if i wanted to i have over 15 years of experience and if you dont believe me email me your name and gender and ill send you something a little present hahaha!!

  5. Erebus says:

    Fools, black arts are not a game or a toy to play with. i see someone comparing it to a damn cartoon !! to know the true art and the true craft, first look in yourself. Explore your limits of the mind, and get lost in your psyche. if you still are able to function after this (which will take alot longer then just a few months) then maybe you have what it takes to make it in the darker side of magic on the edge of the spectrum. But if you feeble tools continue to explore harry potter fantasies and cartoon grimoires, then stay away from the art. Or better yet, get lost in the art, get what you ignorant goyum deserve.

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